Unlocking the Future of Digital Trading: One Acquisition at a Time

Expanding Horizons: A Landmark Acquisition Set to Revolutionize UK’s Cryptocurrency Landscape

Key Takeaways:

  • Major global corporation dives into the flourishing UK crypto market.
  • Coinpass, a decorated crypto platform, is the newest addition to a multifaceted trading portfolio.
  • This strategic move is set to bolster a regulated route to digital assets for UK-based traders and investors.

Dawn of a New Era in Cryptocurrency Trading

OANDA Global Corporation has once again made headlines, this time not just for its prowess in forex and multi-asset trading, but for a bold move into the booming cryptocurrency market. With its acquisition of a significant stake in Coinpass Limited, a standout crypto asset firm, OANDA is set to cater to a market whose appetite for digital assets has doubled in just a year!

Coinpass: The UK’s Crypto Powerhouse

The United Kingdom’s cryptocurrency scene witnessed the inception of Coinpass in 2018. Recognizing the burgeoning demand for efficient and safe crypto trading, Coinpass emerged as a beacon for UK traders and investors, even clinching the title of Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform by CityAM’s CryptoAM Awards in 2020. Catering to a diverse clientele from retail investors to professional traders and businesses, Coinpass offers a medley of products from fiat/crypto and crypto/crypto pairs to stablecoin variants. Their proprietary trading tech solutions further solidify their dominant position in the market.

Strategic Synergy: OANDA and Coinpass

The acquisition isn’t merely a testament to OANDA’s forward-thinking. It’s a strategic step that blends seamlessly with its multi-asset offering, which spans indices, forex, commodities, metals, and bonds. Coinpass, already a trusted name and one of the rare crypto exchanges registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), will empower OANDA to build and expand its cryptocurrency trading offering. The focus? To provide retail traders and investors a regulated gateway to the digital economy.

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Gavin Bambury, CEO of OANDA, expressed enthusiasm over this venture, emphasizing the potential for global B2B growth. As OANDA harnesses Coinpass’s expertise, the promise of a swift and safe route to the digital world for global clients seems closer than ever.

Jeff Hancock, CEO of Coinpass, echoes this sentiment, attributing the acquisition to a shared vision of top-tier trading offerings for UK users. OANDA’s rich trading history and diversified product suite, he says, makes them the ideal equity investor for Coinpass’s onward journey.

A Look Ahead

For OANDA, this acquisition heralds a new era of growth, bolstering its B2B2C capabilities. While Coinpass will maintain its commitment to its corporate clients, it’s also preparing to scale its offerings, enabling other enterprises to penetrate the UK crypto market.

The landscape of the UK’s cryptocurrency market is undergoing a paradigm shift, and with powerhouses like OANDA and Coinpass joining forces, the future looks not just digital, but dazzlingly bright.

About OANDA:
A leader in online trading since 1996, OANDA boasts an illustrious legacy of pioneering web-based currency trading and offering multi-asset trading, currency data, and analytics to a global clientele. Its award-winning platform is acclaimed across financial hotspots like New York, Toronto, London, and Tokyo. More about OANDA can be found on their official website or their LinkedIn profile.

About Coinpass:
Bridging the chasm between traditional finance and digital assets, Coinpass has since 2018 been a frontrunner in offering efficient, secure, and cost-effective crypto trading solutions in the UK. Their vision? To lead the digital finance realm globally. Dive deeper into Coinpass’s offerings on their official website.

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