Turbocharging Customer Experience: The Firstsource Approach

Blending Technology with Human-Centricity

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital innovation transforms company-customer interaction dynamics.
  • Rising macro-economic challenges shift focus to retaining customers.
  • Embracing digital solutions in the BPO sector has grown significantly.
  • Human-centricity backed by technology is the future.
  • AI amplifies contact centres, but human touch remains indispensable.

About Firstsource:

Firstsource is a global business process outsourcing (BPO) giant set on harnessing technology to steer the customer experience (CX) landscape. With a network spanning across industries, including banking, utilities, energy, telco, and more, Firstsource is at the forefront of reshaping the way businesses approach BPO.

The Evolving Role of BPO Providers

The classic perception of BPOs as mere call centre hubs is undergoing a significant shift. Rajiv Malhotra, Firstsource’s Head of Europe, with over two decades of experience in IT and BPO, explains, “Every industry is going through a very difficult life cycle at the moment.” He highlights how the volatile economic climate has made customer retention even more crucial. In this new era, BPO providers need to be digitally adept, evolving past their traditional roles.

A Digital Leap Forward

While the essence of business might still be rooted in human connection, it’s undeniable that technology is playing a pivotal role in enhancing CX. Previously, companies would turn to BPOs as a cost-cutting strategy. Now, they seek advanced tech solutions like AI, analytics, and machine learning. In fact, a McKinsey report showcased that digital BPO solutions rocketed from constituting 30% to 70% of the total contract value from 2016 to 2020.

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Providers like Firstsource, who have adapted to this tech-centric demand while maintaining a touch of humanity, are those succeeding in this rapidly changing landscape.

The Power of AI: Revolutionizing Contact Centres

AI stands at the centre of discussions regarding the future of BPO. Some view it with scepticism, fearing its implications on employment, while others hail it as a transformative force. Rajiv offers a fresh perspective, “This is not an impact to jobs and humans in the BPO industry. This has to be looked at as something that will turbo boost the entire contact centre.”

The integration of AI brings forth enhanced efficiency. It takes over mundane tasks, allowing human agents to focus on more complex issues. For early adopters like Firstsource, it presents a unique edge in the CX race.

The Heartbeat: Human Touch in a Digital Era

Even with the technological leaps, the soul of customer service remains rooted in human connection. Firstsource boasts nine contact centres in the UK, powered by 5,000 dedicated employees who form the crux of their operations. It’s a symbiotic relationship where technology and humanity complement each other.

Furthermore, diversity is woven into the fabric of Firstsource’s operations. Rajiv passionately shares, “Whatever line of work you have, the most important skill is arguably your ability to relate to other people.” He continues, emphasizing the value of diversity not just as a moral obligation but as a driver for wellbeing, equal opportunity, and productivity.

In Conclusion

Firstsource stands as a testament to the future of the BPO industry – one where digital solutions and the human touch coexist. The company’s vision, as guided by leaders like Rajiv Malhotra, reinforces the belief that while technology can ‘turbo boost’ operations, the essence of exceptional customer experience will always be human connection.

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