Transforming Linear Videos into Interactive Experience: The Future of Broadcasting?

Key Takeaways:

  • Synchronized transforms ordinary linear videos into Smart-Videos that are fully interactive and impactful, similar to hypertext.
  • Its Smart-Video platform uses machine learning for media intelligence, becoming a central hub for all in-video auto-generated time-coded metadata, objects, and assets.
  • Being one of the first AWS Partners to achieve AWS Machine Learning Competency in Applied AI, Synchronized ensures high standards and confidence in its services.
  • The future of broadcasting may transform drastically with such innovations, creating interactive and personalized user experiences.

As broadcasting continues to evolve with the advent of new technologies, a French startup named Synchronized is making waves in the industry. With a prime focus on areas including Artificial Intelligence, Broadcasting, Internet, Machine Learning, Media and Entertainment, SaaS, TV, and Video, the company is based out of Sucy-en-brie, Ile-de-France, France.

Synchronized’s main attraction is its ability to transform linear videos into Smart-Video, thereby augmenting them to be interactive and as powerful as hypertext. This unique change in the video viewing experience is set to escalate viewer involvement and subsequently, viewer engagement.

Synchronized distinguishes itself in the startup environment with its cutting-edge Smart-Video platform. This machine-learning driven platform allows broadcasters and OTT platforms to gain from a central hub conceptualized for all in-video auto-generated time-coded metadata, objects, and assets. Clients, as a result, can automate workflow from linear-tv to digital offers, deliver rich & personalized end-user experiences, and expedite promotional content creation. To add to that, it also benefits them by providing a granular data level surrounding their video content.

In a badge of honor and demonstration of its commitment to reliable, high-quality service, Synchronized is one of the first AWS Partners to achieve AWS Machine Learning Competency status in Applied AI. The AWS Competency designation, difficult to achieve and highly regarded in the industry, ensures customers can trust in validated AWS Partners like Synchronized.

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The future of broadcasting may witness a drastic transformation with the advent of startups like Synchronized. Harnessing the potential of AI and machine learning to bring interactivity to linear video content can change the way audiences perceive, respond to, and interact with media. Just as the internet revolutionized the publication of text-based content, interactive video could usher in a new era of engagement across various media industries.

Synchronized’s pioneering approach to designing interactive video solutions places it poised on the threshold of this next leap in broadcasting. With a core team led by Emmanuel Amara, Guillaume Doret, and Nick Gatfield, the company is set to pave the way for future enhancements in the video viewing experience.

To know more about Synchronized and their path-breaking work in transforming linear videos, you can visit their website, or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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