The Future of Glaucoma Treatment? Breakthrough Implant Shows Stunning 1-Year Results

New Research Brings Hope for Open and Narrow Angle Glaucoma Patients

Key Takeaways:

  • Revolutionary implant showcases an excellent safety profile and performance in one-year preliminary study results.
  • The treatment offers similar benefits to both open and narrow angle glaucoma patients without lens removal.
  • A remarkable 86% of the treated patients reported being medication-free after 12 months.

Redefining Treatment Modalities

VIENNA, Austria – The world of ophthalmology is abuzz as recent data emerges from the Ophthalmology Futures Symposium, pointing towards a potential game-changer in glaucoma treatment. The findings stem from a year-long study on a groundbreaking implant designed to effectively treat both open and narrow angle glaucoma.

High Impact Outcomes

Within the cohort of 57 patients under study, promising outcomes showcased that this revolutionary approach, termed the Cilioscleral Interpositioning Device (CID), not only displayed an exceptional safety profile but also made significant strides in performance. The trial marked a reduction of intraocular pressure by more than 41%. Furthermore, pharmacological treatments witnessed a drastic decline of over 92%. By the end of the year, a vast majority, 86% of the patients, highlighted that they were free from medication.

A Paradigm Shift in Treatment

Traditionally, glaucoma, which affects the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss, is divided into ‘open’ and ‘narrow’ angles based on the angle between the iris and cornea. The fact that CID showcased efficacy across both categories signifies the potential for a significant overhaul in current treatment methodologies. The approach taken by CID stands apart, mainly as it avoids any need to remove the lens – a frequent procedure for narrow angle glaucoma patients.

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Addressing a Global Concern

Glaucoma continues to be a pressing concern with an estimated prevalence of 15-20% in European and US populations. The risk is even higher among Asian populations, where over 50% are susceptible. The condition carries with it a risk of vision loss, which makes this breakthrough all the more significant. CID’s angle-agnostic approach ensures that both open and narrow angle patients reap similar benefits in terms of safety and performance.

Expert Voices Weigh In

“The CID’s potential is transformative. Beyond avoiding Endothelial Cells Loss, it offers a new treatment avenue for both open and narrow angle glaucoma patients. This could change the way we approach and treat the condition,” remarked Olivier Benoit, CEO of the pioneering company behind CID.

Behind the Scenes of the SAFARI III Study

The study involved 57 patients operated upon by Dr. Lilit Voskanyan, a renowned ophthalmologist, between June to December 2022. With balanced representation from both open and narrow angle glaucoma patients, the study aimed to gauge the efficacy of CID in real-world conditions.

A Glimpse into the Innovators: Ciliatech

Founded in 2017, Ciliatech has been at the forefront of pioneering change in the world of ophthalmology. The company’s CID implant is the industry’s first to reduce intraocular pressure without compromising on the anterior chamber’s integrity or necessitating subconjunctival filtration.


As the medical world continues to search for enhanced treatment modalities for glaucoma, the CID implant emerges as a beacon of hope. With promising one-year results and the potential to redefine treatment methodologies, the future of glaucoma care might have found its new North Star.

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