The Future of FinTech: 15 Harjumaa Startups Leading the Charge

Meet the innovators redefining the financial landscape in Estonia's tech-savvy region

In the heart of Estonia, Harjumaa has cultivated a thriving ecosystem of FinTech startups. These 15 innovative companies are transforming the financial landscape, fusing technology and finance to create forward-thinking solutions.


Founded by Andrus Aaslaid and Merit Valdsalu, Single.Earth aims to tokenize the world’s natural resources. This GreenTech FinTech startup is creating a new class of assets by turning nature into a financial instrument.


Tuum, co-founded by Jan Lakspere, Ove Kreison, and Rivo Uibo, is a cloud-native banking platform that enables businesses to either establish a new banking business or digitally transform an existing one.


EvoEstate, founded by Audrius Visniauskas and Gustas Germanavičius, is a real estate investments aggregator. This platform democratises access to the real estate market by bringing investment opportunities from various countries to a single platform.


SWAG OÜ provides cryptocurrency services, demonstrating the interplay between the FinTech and crypto sectors and offering a platform for secure digital transactions.


CryptoWallet caters to the crypto banking sector by offering commercial solutions for managing and transacting with cryptocurrencies.


Finectum is a cryptocurrency exchange and payment solution, further exemplifying the marriage of traditional finance and cryptocurrency.


Founded by Georgios Kalmpazidis, Swaps is an app that provides cryptocurrency purchases, blockchains, tokens, and crypto and fiat payment gateway services.

FastCoin Exchange

Led by Obner Knöner Mozarino, FastCoin Exchange is a platform for cryptocurrency transactions, simplifying the process of buying, selling, and exchanging various cryptocurrencies.

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TFG Crowd

TFG Crowd is an online peer-to-peer marketplace that streamlines the crowd investing process, helping investors to finance any project and supporting financial inclusion.


OERO is a financial service company specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency, continuing to illustrate the intersection between FinTech and blockchain technologies.

Isengard Engineering

Co-founded by Tanmay Kumar, Isengard Engineering is a proprietary quantitative trading firm that specialises in liquidity provision, showcasing the growing adoption of advanced data techniques in finance.


Bilance, led by Erik Vetemaa and Mihkel Vetemaa, is an application that automates personal finances, promoting financial literacy and helping individuals better manage their money.


GetID, founded by Alexander Tsikhilov and Dmitri Laush, provides identity verification, KYC/AML checks, and customer onboarding solutions, underlining the critical role of security in the digital finance realm.


Emirex, led by Grigory Rybalchenko, is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange offering a variety of crypto asset management tools, marking another testament to the fusion of traditional financial infrastructure with the blockchain.


SPARQ, founded by Danila Belokons, is a community-based personal finance platform. This platform demonstrates the power of community engagement in the FinTech sector.

These 15 innovative startups represent the forefront of the FinTech revolution in Harjumaa, Estonia, showcasing how technology can redefine the financial landscape and democratise access to financial services.

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