The Digital Revolution Reshaping the Construction World!

Discover the Tech Hub Transforming the Construction Industry

Key Takeaways:

  • Fresh injection of 45 million euros signals strong confidence in the digital transformation of construction logistics.
  • Strategic partnerships formed with major industry players: Goldbeck, IK Umwelt, FJ Labs and more.
  • A monumental leap towards a sustainable and efficient circular economy in the construction industry.

Bridging the Efficiency Gap in Construction

The turbulent tides of the construction industry, marred by inefficiencies and archaic methods, are about to experience a seismic shift. A ConstructionTech marvel is emerging from the heart of Gütersloh, equipped with the ambition, expertise, and funds to fundamentally change the landscape.

A Much-Needed Capital Boost

Amidst industry challenges, a beacon of hope has arisen in the form of a massive 45 million euro capital injection. This recent financing round saw participation not only from the founding members and existing investors but also welcomed new visionaries on board. The entrance of the globally-renowned New York-based VC, FJ Labs, along with DEVK Insurance and multiple family offices, marks a significant endorsement for the platform’s potential. Joining the investment dance are giants like Goldbeck, a titan in Europe’s commercial construction realm, and IK Umwelt, a maestro in waste management.

Digitisation: The Efficiency Driver

Christian Hülsewig, the visionary CEO of Schüttflix, expounds on the strategic positioning of their digital hub. “The construction industry’s call for rapid efficiency gains is deafening. Our digital tools, including paperless documentation and live tracking, streamline operations, turning the prevailing crisis into a golden opportunity for innovation.”

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Twin Goals: Sustainability and Profitability

Not only is Schüttflix’s digital prowess commendable, but their financial performance is also stellar. With a turnover almost doubling in 2022, touching the 90 million euro mark, the company’s trajectory is undeniably upward. The team’s focus isn’t solely on profits. Their true north is sustainability, striving for a holistic circular economy in construction. Given that the industry stands as a major contributor to waste and CO2 emissions, Schüttflix’s mission has never been more crucial. Their digital prowess offers a viable path to a green, efficient, and connected future for construction.

Voices from the Investment Realm

Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck of the Goldbeck Group hails Schüttflix’s transformative approach, expressing delight in joining forces. “The digitalisation Schüttflix offers is groundbreaking. Their courage and innovation are reshaping our conventional business.”

For Fabrice Grinda of FJ Labs, the allure lies in Schüttflix’s potent blend of technology and vision. “Marketplace startups hold the key to future innovations. Schüttflix has showcased its prowess time and again. We’re on board to navigate the future with them.”

Mirco Illian from IK Umwelt sees the partnership as a merger of expertise. “We’re poised at the brink of establishing a sustainable circular economy in construction. Schüttflix is the ideal ally for this endeavor.”

Schüttflix: A Brief Insight

As the pioneering digital logistics hub for construction, Schüttflix connects an expansive network of stakeholders from construction firms, suppliers to waste management entities. The platform provides a unique nexus for price comparisons, order placements, and efficient disposal of materials.

Schüttflix’s innovative approach facilitates optimal route planning, translating to eco-friendly operations with reduced wastage and heightened sustainability. Their transparent, efficient marketplace has transcended regional barriers, extending its reach to Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

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Since its inception in 2018, Schüttflix has steadily climbed the success ladder, boasting a turnover of 90 million euros in 2022 and a formidable partnership with over 13,000 industry players.

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