Startup Showcase: “Zash – Revolutionising Point of Sale Solutions”

Redefining the Retail Experience with Omnichannel Engagement

Welcome to another episode of’ Startup Showcase where we spotlight the rising stars in the EU startup landscape. This week, we head north to Stockholm, Sweden, to highlight a company called Zash that’s redefining how merchants and customers interact in the digital age.

Empowering Modern Merchants with Digital Innovation

Zash stands at the forefront of digitising the hospitality industry. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they offer a platform that allows merchants and customers to interact and transact seamlessly both offline and online.

In the wake of two significant industry trends: the shift from legacy Point of Sales (POS) systems to cloud-based tablet solutions and the growing demand for PreOrdering services such as delivery, PreOrder, Reservations and @Table, Zash has created a solution that responds effectively to these changes.

An Omnichannel Solution Tailored for Today’s Customer

Setting up Zash is a breeze. Within minutes, a merchant can start using the platform. By setting up a free online account through the Zash website, downloading the free iPad Zash POS app, merchants can operate their business end-to-end.

Adding to its robust suite of services, Zash also provides access to the Zash Order app, further enhancing the value proposition for both merchants and customers. This POS solution functions whether a customer has the Zash Order app or not, underscoring its flexibility and convenience.

Setting Zash Apart: A One-stop-shop Solution

The POS industry is well-established, with most merchants having some form of POS system enabled today. However, the majority of current POS systems are built on legacy IT infrastructure, which are not cloud-based, require hefty hardware investments, and lack integration with customer services.

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Zash differentiates itself in this market through its interconnected service that offers everything a merchant needs under one umbrella, and at a fraction of the cost of current offerings. It’s a comprehensive solution developed with modern merchants and customers in mind, anticipating their demand for convenience in technological solutions.

Zash’s innovative approach is proving to be a game-changer in the hospitality industry. The company’s commitment to digital transformation, customer satisfaction, and retail convenience exemplifies the dynamic and forward-thinking spirit that characterises the EU startup scene.

As we continue to celebrate and highlight the thriving EU startup ecosystem, we look forward to observing Zash’s journey in revolutionising the retail and hospitality experience for merchants and customers alike.

For more information about Zash, you can visit their website and social media platforms:





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