Startup Showcase: Yousign – Powering SMB Agreements with Legally Binding eSignatures

Yousign is a SaaS company that provides legally binding eSignature solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company aims to digitize and automate contract processes for SMBs, helping them save time, money, and resources while providing secure and easy-to-use electronic signature services.

Anticipating the shift towards paperless work long before European competitors, Yousign has emerged as a leading eSignature player in the European market. Its focus on SMBs sets it apart from other eSignature providers and makes it the preferred choice for many small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Easy-to-Use eSignature Solution

Yousign’s platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Its user-friendly interface enables users to send, sign, and store documents with just a few clicks. The company’s eSignature solution is legally binding, adhering to the highest levels of security and compliance, providing its customers with peace of mind.

Powering SMBs

Yousign’s focus on SMBs makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking to digitize their contract processes. The company’s platform is scalable and can handle a wide range of use cases. From sales to purchasing, HR, legal, and IT teams, Yousign offers a wide range of solutions to streamline contract management.

The company’s powerful API is easy to integrate and allows smaller companies to adopt e-signature services seamlessly. It also offers a feature-rich dashboard that provides users with real-time insights into the signing process, making it easy to track the progress of contracts.

Expanding its product offering

Yousign aims to expand its product offering further up the value chain into document automation, approval management, and additional workflows. Its vision is to become a one-stop-shop for SMBs looking to digitize their contract processes. The company’s growth rate of x2.5 YoY is a testament to its success, with over 6000 customers and 1.5M+ monthly signers.

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In a world where remote work and digitalization have become the norm, Yousign’s eSignature solution is an essential tool for SMBs looking to stay competitive in their respective industries. The company’s focus on SMBs, combined with its easy-to-use platform, legally binding signatures, and scalable solutions, makes it a preferred choice for businesses looking to digitize their contract processes.


Overall, Yousign is leading the way in the eSignature market in Europe, providing SMBs with the tools they need to digitize and automate their contract processes. As more companies move towards paperless work, Yousign is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for eSignature solutions.





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Keep exploring EU Startups  Who are Estonia's Most Influential SaaS Startups Transforming European Tech?
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