Startup Showcase: Wimdu – Connecting Travelers with Private Accommodation Hosts Worldwide

Looking for unique accommodations and an opportunity to connect with locals on your travels? Look no further than Wimdu, a central platform that connects travelers with private accommodation hosts around the world. Founded in Augsburg, Germany, Wimdu allows hosts to offer their homes, flats, and even rooms to travelers, creating a diverse selection of accommodations that is unmatched in the traditional hotel industry.

Revolutionizing Travel Accommodations

Wimdu provides an alternative to traditional hotels, offering a diverse range of private accommodations that allow travelers to explore their destinations like a local. By connecting hosts and travelers, Wimdu creates unique travel experiences that traditional hotels simply can’t match. Travelers benefit from insider tips from their hosts, giving them the opportunity to explore their destination with a more authentic and immersive experience. Meanwhile, hosts benefit from the opportunity to generate additional income from their properties, all while meeting and connecting with new people from around the world.

Safe and Secure Accommodation Bookings

Transparency and security are a top priority for Wimdu. Hosts are required to provide a complete profile with pictures and contact information, and guests can view ratings and comments from other travelers. This creates a reliable and trustworthy environment for both hosts and travelers, ensuring that all stays are safe and secure.

Global Platform and Social Media Presence

Since its founding in 2011, Wimdu has expanded globally and is now available in 11 languages. The platform offers a variety of accommodations in Europe, Asia, North and South America, giving travelers a wide selection of choices. In addition to accommodations, Wimdu also offers travel tips, virtual guided tours, and other background information for destinations around the world. Wimdu also maintains a comprehensive social media presence, with video channels, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs that allow users to exchange experiences and inform themselves about their destination.

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Wimdu has revolutionized the way that travelers book their accommodations, offering a unique alternative to traditional hotels. By connecting hosts and travelers, Wimdu provides unique travel experiences that are more authentic and immersive than traditional hotels. With a focus on transparency and security, Wimdu has created a reliable and trustworthy platform that benefits both hosts and travelers alike. With a global presence and comprehensive social media strategy, Wimdu is changing the way that people travel around the world.




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