Startup Showcase: WasteHero – Greener, Cleaner and Smarter Waste Collection Worldwide

If you’re looking for an innovative and cost-effective waste management solution, look no further than WasteHero. WasteHero is a Danish startup that provides an end-to-end smart waste collection solution that is greener, cleaner, and smarter than traditional waste collection methods.

Real-time monitoring

WasteHero devices monitor activity in waste bins, including bin fullness, temperature, and fill rates, to identify waste generation patterns. Data from bins is collected on the company’s web-based platform, which produces real-time analysis for city officials to visualize the fullness of every trash bin simultaneously and deploy haulers only when needed. By reducing the frequency of collection trips, WasteHero can save waste management companies and municipalities both time and money while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Fleet management and intelligent routing

WasteHero Fleet Management and Intelligent Routing harness AI and machine learning to present reports containing actionable insights that help waste management officials identify areas in need and track the efficiency of improvements over time. The insights can help mitigate container overflow, reduce the number of overall collections, guide bin placement, and optimize operational efficiency.

A global reach

WasteHero reaches millions of people and provides end-to-end solutions to smart cities, waste management companies, municipalities, campuses, and businesses in over 25 countries. WasteHero’s solution can be customized to meet the unique needs of each customer, providing a scalable solution that can grow and evolve with the customer’s needs.


WasteHero is a leading provider of smart waste collection solutions that are greener, cleaner, and smarter than traditional waste collection methods. With real-time monitoring and fleet management capabilities, WasteHero helps waste management officials optimize their operations and reduce their environmental impact. WasteHero’s solution is customizable and scalable, making it an ideal choice for cities, municipalities, businesses, and campuses of all sizes.

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