Startup Showcase: Walerud Ventures – A Deep Tech Investor with a Planet-Positive Mission

Joining pre-seed and seed stage companies as investors, advisors, and part-time employees

Walerud Ventures is a Stockholm-based investment firm that specializes in pre-seed and seed stage companies. The company joins these startups as investors, advisors, and part-time employees, providing support and guidance to help them succeed. With a focus on deep tech and a planet-positive mission, Walerud Ventures is committed to supporting startups that are making a positive impact on the world.

In the Trenches with Startups

Walerud Ventures joins startups at the very early stages, often from just an idea and a couple of people. The company spends a day a week with each startup to help set up the early team, strategy, and sales. The team is willing to get their hands dirty and join startups in packing boxes, manning booths at trade shows, and even serving as CxO as necessary. Since Walerud Ventures works so closely with their startups, they only take on a few at a time and make sure to select projects that align with their values and mission.

Deep Tech Expertise

Walerud Ventures has a wealth of experience in deep tech, and their team has started companies in areas including AI, 3D, solar cells, fintech, telecom, and biotech. They like to work with companies that have sustainable competitive advantages and entry barriers. Their team’s technical background and curiosity enable them to understand the products and technology behind their portfolio companies.

Criteria for Investment

Walerud Ventures is looking for fantastic founders with a laser focus on one product that solves a problem that hurts. They prefer startups that are selling to a growing market with high margins. A brilliant, hard-working, self-motivated, open team with complementary skills and integrity is also crucial. Since Walerud Ventures works closely with startups, they want to be within commuting distance from Stockholm and speak Swedish and English.

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Investment Approach

Walerud Ventures is on the entrepreneur’s side and aims to provide a painless investment process so they can get on with building the company with their startups. They offer standard, simple, and fair contracts and want the founders to own the lion’s share of the company. Walerud Ventures invests 1-10M SEK and takes a board seat.


Walerud Ventures is a deep tech investor with a planet-positive mission. With a focus on pre-seed and seed stage companies, they join startups as investors, advisors, and part-time employees to help set up the early team, strategy, and sales. With their deep tech expertise and criteria for investment, Walerud Ventures is committed to supporting startups that are making a positive impact on the world.




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