Startup Showcase: Vocalls – Delivering Voicebots and Chatbots for Medium and Large Enterprises

As technology advances, businesses are discovering new ways to automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Vocalls, a Czech Republic-based startup, has taken automation to the next level by providing voicebots and chatbots to medium and large enterprises.

Revolutionizing Customer Service with AI

Vocalls has developed a Conversation AI platform that enables virtual agents to work across all channels and departments of an enterprise. The platform helps to reduce contact center costs by solving routine client questions, allowing operators to focus on complex use cases, and improving user experience. This solution is ideal for large enterprises with high volumes of calls and queries.

The Conversation AI platform utilizes artificial intelligence and analytical skills to prepare the solution. With years of experience in the online world and business, Vocalls has verified prototypes and ideas on client samples. The platform is designed to help businesses prepare for the future of customer service.

Delivering Innovative Voicebots

Vocalls is one of the first companies to develop and supply voicebots on the Czech market. These voicebots are equipped to handle calls in the assistance, insurance, and banking sectors, among others. With the use of voicebots, Vocalls aims to automate customer service interactions, which will allow businesses to focus on more complex customer inquiries.

Vocalls has successfully implemented their voicebots for leading enterprises in the Czech Republic. These voicebots are helping these companies achieve higher levels of efficiency while also improving customer satisfaction.


Vocalls is committed to providing innovative solutions for medium and large enterprises. Their Conversation AI platform and voicebots have already proven to be successful in the Czech Republic market. As businesses continue to shift towards automation, Vocalls is well-positioned to provide businesses with the tools they need to achieve greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

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