Startup Showcase: VMRay – Unveiling Threats with X-Ray Vision

Unleashing the Power of Dynamic Threat Analysis

Welcome to our startup showcase featuring VMRay, a cutting-edge cybersecurity company based in Bochum, Germany. VMRay specializes in providing breakthrough solutions for dynamic analysis of advanced threats, including zero-day and targeted attacks. In this showcase, we delve into VMRay’s innovative platform, VMRay Analyzer, and how it sets the gold standard for malware sandboxing worldwide.

Defeating Evasive Threats with X-Ray Vision

VMRay Analyzer stands out among other products in the industry by overcoming inherent flaws that often hinder malware analysis. The core of the VMRay Platform lies in its agentless, hypervisor-based sandbox, which offers a unique combination of near-total evasion resistance and full visibility into malware behavior, a feature aptly named X-Ray Vision. Unlike other solutions, VMRay Analyzer’s analysis environment remains untouched and unmodified, ensuring that monitoring is invisible to malware. Even the most evasive strains execute fully within the sandbox, enabling VMRay to capture a complete and accurate record of threat behavior.

Unrivaled Precision and Efficiency

VMRay’s Intelligent Monitoring sets the company apart from its competitors, excelling in differentiating between malicious behavior and legitimate activity. This capability allows VMRay Analyzer to deliver precise and noise-free output, significantly reducing false positive rates to near zero. By minimizing false positives, VMRay shortens investigation times, enhances efficiency, and prevents legitimate traffic from being erroneously blocked. VMRay Analyzer’s precise analysis output empowers security teams to focus on genuine threats, streamlining incident response, digital forensics, and threat intelligence processes.

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Enriching Detection and Response Capabilities

The VMRay Platform goes beyond traditional sandboxing solutions by providing comprehensive insights into malware behavior. By monitoring every interaction between malware and the target system, VMRay captures a complete and accurate record of threat behavior, enriching detection and response capabilities. This invaluable data helps security teams gain a deeper understanding of attack vectors, identify emerging threats, and develop effective mitigation strategies. VMRay’s platform is trusted by leading digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams worldwide, solidifying its position as the go-to solution for dynamic threat analysis.


VMRay’s breakthrough solutions and X-Ray Vision technology redefine the way we uncover and mitigate advanced threats. With VMRay Analyzer as the gold standard for malware sandboxing, VMRay empowers security teams to gain full visibility into malware behavior while delivering precise and noise-free output. By enriching detection and response capabilities, VMRay equips organizations with the tools they need to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries.


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