Startup Showcase: Veylinx – The Most Realistic Behavioral Insights Platform

If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate way to measure consumer demand for your products and services, then Veylinx might be the solution for you. Founded in Amsterdam in 2015, Veylinx is a behavioral insights platform that provides businesses with actionable data on their products and services, obtained through real skin-in-the-game testing, to help make confident decisions during all stages of the development cycle.

Revolutionary Approach to Market Research

Veylinx’s approach is unique and Nobel prize-winning, as it disrupts the world of market research by relying on real-life testing of consumer behavior, rather than hypothetical claims. This method provides a more accurate measurement of demand, and helps businesses to avoid the pitfall of investing in product development only to find out there is no market for it.

Founder and CEO Anouar El Haji, who obtained his PhD in Marketing from the University of Amsterdam, created Veylinx after realizing that traditional market research methods relied too heavily on consumer self-reporting, which is often unreliable.

Accurate and Reliable Data

Veylinx provides businesses with a clear picture of how consumers value their products, how much they are willing to pay for them, and what features they prefer. This information allows businesses to make informed decisions about product development, pricing, and marketing, ultimately leading to higher profits and better customer satisfaction.

The platform has helped many Fortune 500 companies, such as General Mills, Nestle, Reckitt and Unilever to successfully navigate the challenging terrain of product development and marketing. Additionally, Veylinx continues to be utilized by academic researchers to enhance their studies and provide a more realistic approach to consumer behavior.

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Award-Winning Platform

Veylinx’s innovative and groundbreaking approach to market research has been recognized with several industry awards, including the IIeX Insights Innovation Award. This acknowledgment reinforces the platform’s unique value proposition and sets Veylinx apart from other market research providers.

In conclusion, Veylinx is an ideal partner for businesses looking to obtain accurate and reliable consumer demand data that can guide them in making confident decisions throughout the product development cycle. The company’s unique approach to market research sets it apart from traditional methods and helps to ensure that businesses can make informed decisions with confidence.





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