Startup Showcase: Vaiyo – The Communication Platform for Transparency and Productivity

Vaiyo is a communication platform that offers secured, easy-to-use, and affordable features, making it an ideal solution for the era of digital meetings. The platform helps organizations improve their productivity and efficiency by making internal communication faster and easier while providing transparency within the organization. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Vaiyo is enhancing transparency and improving productivity through its features.

Fast and Easy Communication

Vaiyo’s communication platform offers audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities, making internal communication faster and easier. The platform uses WebRTC libraries to transmit real-time protocol packets over user datagram protocol via Datagram Transport Layer Security, ensuring a high level of built-in security for streaming. Additionally, Vaiyo’s open-source code of BigBlueButton is already enhanced for security. With Vaiyo’s communication platform, organizations can easily hold virtual meetings, webinars, and presentations, all in one easy-to-use application.

Face Filter and Background Separation

One of the unique features of Vaiyo’s communication platform is the face filter and background separation through SDK. This AI software enhances the face image and separates the background, making video conferencing more professional and engaging. With Vaiyo’s face filter and background separation, organizations can make virtual meetings more visually appealing and increase employee engagement.

Blockchain Encryption for Enhanced Security

In the future, Vaiyo plans to enhance the security of its communication platform by integrating unhackable blockchain technology. This encryption technology provides an added layer of security, ensuring that all communication within the organization is protected from cyber threats. With blockchain encryption, organizations can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information is protected at all times.

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Improving Transparency and Productivity

Providing transparency within organizations is crucial to improving business performance. Vaiyo’s communication platform offers a solution that enables organizations to communicate faster and easier, improving productivity and efficiency. The platform’s face filter and background separation feature make virtual meetings more engaging, while the future integration of blockchain encryption technology adds an extra layer of security. With Vaiyo, organizations can ensure that their internal communication is efficient, productive, and transparent.


Vaiyo is a communication platform that provides transparency and improves productivity and efficiency within organizations. The platform offers fast and easy communication, face filter and background separation, and plans to integrate blockchain encryption for enhanced security. With Vaiyo, organizations can improve their business performance by ensuring that internal communication is efficient, productive, and transparent.





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