Startup Showcase: usheru – Empowering Film Distributors with Direct Ticketing and Data Insights

Dublin-based usheru is transforming the film industry by providing an innovative solution to the rising marketing costs faced by film distributors globally. usheru powers direct ticketing and marketing data insights for film distributors, connecting a film website to the existing point-of-sale systems of cinemas and enabling consumers to book tickets easily. This approach provides data insights and a platform that offers a direct response advertising option to film distributors, allowing them to build a database of film fans and gain visibility in real time into the sales success of marketing campaigns. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into how usheru is changing the film industry landscape.

Direct-to-Consumer Framework

One of the biggest challenges faced by film distributors is the rising marketing costs that can be twice the production cost of a film. usheru addresses this problem by providing a ‘direct-to-consumer’ framework for film distributors that allows them to build a database of film fans. This innovative approach helps film distributors to understand their audience better, enabling them to tailor their marketing efforts and improve their targeting. By offering a direct response advertising option, usheru empowers film distributors to get closer to their audience and build long-lasting relationships with them.

Powerful Marketing Data Insights

usheru Analytics is a powerful insights platform that provides film distributors with real-time visibility into the sales success of their marketing campaigns. The platform enables film marketeers to connect marketing spend to cinema ticket purchases, providing them with valuable data insights that can be used to optimize their marketing efforts. With usheru Analytics, film distributors can identify what marketing strategies are working and what isn’t, enabling them to fine-tune their campaigns and achieve better results. The platform also allows film distributors to track their audience’s engagement with their marketing materials and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

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Streamlined Ticketing Process

usheru’s technology enables consumers to book tickets easily through a film website, connecting to the existing point-of-sale systems of cinemas. This streamlined ticketing process provides a seamless experience for consumers, making it easy for them to purchase tickets to see their favorite films. The technology also helps to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts, increasing conversion rates and sales for film distributors.


usheru is a game-changer for the film industry, providing film distributors with an innovative solution to the rising marketing costs they face. With a direct-to-consumer framework, powerful marketing data insights, and a streamlined ticketing process, usheru empowers film distributors to build long-lasting relationships with their audience and achieve better marketing results. With usheru, the film industry can finally overcome its biggest challenge and focus on what really matters – making great films.





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