Startup Showcase: United Signals – Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management

Empowering Financial Service Providers with Innovative Fintech Solutions

Revolutionizing Workflows: United Signals leading the digital transformation 

Welcome to, where we spotlight the most cutting-edge startups shaping the European business landscape. In this showcase, we are excited to present United Signals, a German company based in Frankfurt am Main, specializing in digital transformation and automation of paper-based business processes. United Signals supports companies in their digital transformation efforts with the goal of replacing paper-based processes with fully digital workflows. As a specialist in the field of paperless and user-friendly customer solutions, United Signals offers products such as digital onboarding, paperless contracts, back-office systems, and customer portals for companies across various industries. Thanks to the white-label capability and flexibility of the solutions, any forms or contracts can be quickly transformed into a digital version and signed in a contactless manner, from home or even on the go.  

Leading the way in digital transformation  

United Signals has positioned itself as a specialist in digital transformation and automation of paper-based business processes. The company’s solution caters to enterprises across industries, enabling them to embrace digitization and stay ahead in an increasingly tech-driven industry. A lack of digitization efforts can lead to companies losing up to 18% of their customers. Similarly, it can result in a significant decrease in revenue. One problem arising from paper-based and manual processes is the administrative burden on employees – up to 25 hours per week are invested in administrative tasks related to these processes. Additionally, there’s a lack of transparency for process stakeholders. Also, paper-based, manual workflows, and process gaps diminish your company’s flexibility and agility. United Signals offers various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for business digitization. Furthermore, due to the modular nature of the solutions, any third-party services can be implemented, making the process even more efficient and effective.  

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Customized Solutions for Clients: Recognizing that each client has its distinct requirements and branding, United Signals provides tailor-made solutions to its clients.  This level of customization ensures that partners can fully integrate United Signals’ technologies into their existing workflows seamlessly. From onboarding to paperless contracts, a business control center, and client portals, the platform is designed to align with partners’ individual corporate designs and brand identities.  

Empowering seamless digital processes 

The solutions’ IT infrastructure is based on a platform concept that transforms customer requirements into a digital process and seamlessly integrates with additional technical systems from various providers when needed. The focus is always on user-centric easy to use end-to-end workflows, which can be used 24/7 from any device (mobile, laptop, PC, etc.). The backend is the “magic behind“, serving as the platform with interfaces to third-party providers, tools, and existing system landscapes. Various functionalities, internal and external databases, or numerous validation mechanisms can be integrated here as well.  

Unlocking opportunities: United Signals’ digital solutions propel swifter processes and sustainable impact  

United Signals’ digital solutions propel faster processes and sustainable impact – United Signals’ digital solutions offer the potential for contracts to be signed up to 90% faster, revenue to increase by up to 30%, onboarding times to be reduced by up to 80%, all while making a positive environmental impact with 0% paper consumption, according to insights from their clients. 


United Signals stands as a pioneer in the field of workflow digitization. With its innovative solutions, it assists companies from any industry on the path towards digitization of seamless and automated digital document workflows. Through their provision of tailored and seamless onboarding processes and automated digital document workflows in general, United Signals is actively reshaping the digital asset management landscape. With a firm commitment to empowering partners and clients alike, United Signals remains at the forefront of fintech innovation, driving positive transformation across diverse sectors. 

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For more information about United Signals and their transformative digital technologies, please visit their website and social media channel: … 

For more information about United Signals and their transformative financial technologies, please visit their website and social media channels:

Website: United Signals

Twitter: United Signals on Twitter

Facebook: United Signals on Facebook

LinkedIn: United Signals on LinkedIn

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