Startup Showcase: Trustev Revolutionizes E-commerce Fraud Prevention

Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Identity Verification

In today’s digital era, online fraud poses a significant threat to e-commerce and financial companies. Traditional approaches to fraud prevention often fall short, relying on restrictive rules and profiling. Trustev, an innovative startup based in Cork, Ireland, is disrupting the industry with its modern approach to fraud prevention. By focusing on real-time online identity verification, Trustev empowers businesses to increase sales, reduce fraud, and provide a seamless customer experience. Join us as we delve into the transformative solutions offered by Trustev.

Revolutionizing Fraud Prevention through Real-Time Identity Verification

Trustev takes a completely modern and dynamic approach to fraud prevention, going beyond merely validating payment methods. The platform places emphasis on verifying the individual behind each transaction, leveraging real-time online identity verification. By analyzing multiple dynamic data sources, including behavioral, transactional, and social data, Trustev delivers individual and real-time decisions for every customer. This shift from rule-based decisioning and profiling enables businesses to make accurate fraud assessments and reduce false positives, ultimately boosting revenues and preserving a customer-centric experience.

Harnessing Dynamic Data Points for Real-Time Decisions

Trustev’s easy-to-integrate platform harnesses thousands of dynamic data points to verify consumer identities in real-time. Deep location analysis, email verification, device ID tracking, social fingerprinting, proxy/VPN piercing, site velocity and behavior analysis, browser ID tracking, and mobile location data are among the sources leveraged. Proprietary algorithms combine these diverse data points to generate a simple score ranging from 1 to 100. This score serves as the basis for providing recommendations, approving or denying transactions, or flagging potential risks. By leveraging comprehensive data analysis, Trustev enables rapid identity decisions while ensuring minimal disruption to the customer’s online experience.

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Ensuring Cost-Effective Fraud Prevention and Revenue Maximization

Trustev’s solution is designed to significantly reduce the cost burden of fraud on businesses while maximizing revenue opportunities. By minimizing false positives, Trustev eliminates unnecessary disruptions to legitimate transactions, allowing businesses to capture more sales opportunities. Moreover, the platform’s data-driven and cost-effective approach enables businesses to optimize fraud prevention efforts without investing excessive resources in fraud detection and management. Trustev empowers companies to focus on growth and customer satisfaction while maintaining robust fraud prevention measures.

Join the Trustev Revolution in E-commerce Fraud Prevention

Trustev’s cutting-edge approach to fraud prevention is reshaping the e-commerce landscape, empowering businesses to combat fraud effectively while driving growth and maximizing revenues. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the Trustev revolution and protect your business from online fraud.


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