Startup Showcase: TRINE – Financing Clean Energy Access with Crowdinvesting

As climate change becomes a pressing global concern, the demand for renewable energy is growing at an unprecedented pace. However, many people around the world still lack access to basic electricity, which hinders their quality of life, education, and economic growth. TRINE, a Swedish startup, has made it their mission to address this challenge by financing energy access through innovative ways of funding.

Revolutionizing Clean Energy Investment

TRINE uses crowdinvesting to enable individuals to support solar energy projects in emerging nations, while also earning a return on their investment. The platform provides the necessary expertise, organization, and security for investing in carefully selected solar projects that can bring light and electricity to people living in energy poverty. The model is simple: crowdinvestors fund the initial cost of installing solar systems, and over time, the loan is paid back with interest by the value of electricity produced from the solar system.

By democratizing investment options and creating a platform that connects financing with solar entrepreneurs, TRINE is not only providing a sustainable solution to energy access but also driving social change in impoverished communities.

Investing in Sustainable Impact

TRINE’s approach to crowdinvesting provides a viable option for individuals who want to support renewable energy while also earning a return on their investment. The platform aims to connect finance with local solar entrepreneurs and create a sustainable impact for communities. By investing through TRINE, individuals can fund the initial installation of a solar system and track the impact their investment has made in providing clean energy to those in need.

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TRINE’s rigorous project selection process ensures that every investment has a positive impact on people’s lives, and it is committed to bringing transparency to the investment process. In addition, the platform offers a secondary market where investors can sell their investments, providing liquidity for investors who want to exit early.

A Growing Community of Impact Investors

Since its launch in 2015, TRINE has already financed solar projects in more than 20 countries and has generated more than 12,000 MWh of clean energy. The platform has also received recognition for its innovative approach to financing, including winning the European Commission’s Social Innovation Competition in 2018.

TRINE’s success can be attributed to its growing community of impact investors who want to create a positive impact in the world. By providing a transparent and easy-to-use platform for investing in solar projects, TRINE is enabling more people to contribute to building a sustainable future.


TRINE’s innovative approach to financing clean energy projects is paving the way for a sustainable future. By connecting solar entrepreneurs with investors through crowdinvesting, TRINE is creating a new way to drive social change and promote clean energy access. With the growing demand for renewable energy solutions, TRINE’s platform has the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives while also providing financial returns for investors.





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