Startup Showcase: Transparent Data – Tech-Driven Company Data Provider and Software House

Transparent Data is a tech-driven company data provider and software house based in Poznan, Poland. The company acquires and integrates data about companies and entrepreneurs from over 100 jurisdictions worldwide, providing a reliable source of real-time data to help companies manage risks and strengthen their overall decision-making ability. From API creation to legacy system rescue and integration, Transparent Data offers a range of data software services to help businesses with digital transformation, risk management, and AML.

Reliable Real-Time Data

Transparent Data provides reliable real-time data to help companies manage their risks and strengthen overall decision-making ability. The company designs and implements data solutions that unify business data from multiple official business registers and other open as well as proprietary sources. The data coverage includes official business registers from over 100 jurisdictions, including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and the UK. Additionally, the company offers global Sanction Lists & PEP Lists. The data access includes API, desktop, and web applications. The most common use-cases include KYC/AML and on-boarding & entity verification.

Data Software Services

Transparent Data’s team represents a unique combination of rock-solid technology and a huge experience in working with data. The company specializes in input and output API creation, desktop and web application creation, data collection and delivery, and data processing and merging. The most common use-cases include rebuilding monolithic systems for fast and light microservices, obtaining data from problematic sources limited by Captcha and difficult databases (e.g. archaic legacy systems), data hygiene and/or enrichment, and data science (e.g. risk models).

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Digital Transformation and Automation

Transparent Data supports digital transformation by efficiently automating complex processes and shortening hours of searching and analyzing data to several minutes. By providing a reliable source of real-time data, the company helps businesses to manage risks, strengthen decision-making ability, and stay ahead of the competition. The company’s mission is to help businesses to achieve their goals by providing them with the best possible data solutions and software services.


Transparent Data is a game-changer for businesses looking to manage risks, make better decisions, and achieve their goals. With its reliable real-time data and data software services, the company provides businesses with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition. Transparent Data’s team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses achieve digital transformation and automation, and their unique combination of rock-solid technology and huge experience in working with data ensures that their clients receive the best possible service.





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