Startup Showcase: Trackage Scheme – Putting Malta’s Alternative Music on the Global Stage

Trackage Scheme is a Maltese startup that is taking the alternative music scene in Malta to the next level. As a music, information and entertainment hub, Trackage Scheme provides a platform for Maltese alternative musicians to showcase their talent in the international spotlight. By building accessible databases, supporting local labels and artists, organizing events and festivals, and connecting people, Trackage Scheme is creating a one-stop resource for all those interested in Maltese music.

Bringing Malta’s Eclectic Music Scene Together

Trackage Scheme’s mission is to identify, support and promote Maltese alternative musical talent in pursuing their dreams and aspirations. By facilitating access to information about artists, collaborating with individuals and institutions to promote Maltese music locally and abroad, coordinating marketing strategies and hosting events, TS will increase the visibility of Maltese music in the international sphere, and provide an essential one-stop resource for all interested parties.

Building Comprehensive Databases

Trackage Scheme runs three main platforms. The Website, which focuses on introducing Maltese music, artists, labels, events and festivals as well as provide information on how one can enroll into a music course of their choice. The Facebook group is used as a music sharing medium and the Facebook page, which is used to spotlight Maltese artists, share interviews, music productions, competitions, events as well as update members with Trackage Schemes’ current and future projects.

Supporting Local Labels and Artists

Trackage Scheme’s work extends beyond just providing a platform for musicians. The startup also provides support to local labels and artists by assisting with marketing and distribution, and organizing events and festivals that provide exposure to a wider audience. By doing so, Trackage Scheme is helping to build a strong foundation for Malta’s alternative music scene, which will ultimately benefit all those involved.

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Connecting People

In addition to providing a platform for musicians and support to local labels and artists, Trackage Scheme also aims to connect people. Whether it is through networking events, festivals or online platforms, the startup is creating opportunities for individuals to come together and collaborate. This not only fosters a sense of community within the alternative music scene in Malta but also helps to bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the forefront.

Trackage Scheme is a startup that is making a significant impact on Malta’s alternative music scene. By building accessible and comprehensive databases, supporting local labels and artists, and connecting people, Trackage Scheme is creating a vibrant and dynamic community that is gaining international recognition. With its multi-strategy approach, Trackage Scheme is well positioned to become Malta’s leading platform to showcase local alternative music in an international spotlight.





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