Startup Showcase: Tontine Trust—Revolutionizing Pensions, Securing Futures

Reimagining Retirement: The Digital Pension Solution You've Been Waiting For

Welcome back to Startup Showcase on! Today, we introduce you to Tontine Trust, an Irish fintech startup that’s radically transforming the pension landscape by offering retirement solutions backed by the latest OECD recommendations. Could this be the end of pension woes? Let’s find out.

Solving the ‘Hardest Problem in Finance’

In Europe alone, 75 million people are approaching retirement this decade with around €25 trillion in savings. The traditional pension models have been failing; 30% of men and 43% of women will live beyond age 90, and their biggest fear is outliving their savings. This is often referred to as the ‘nastiest, hardest problem in finance,’ and Tontine Trust claims to have comprehensively solved it. With its award-winning, patent-pending platform, the startup offers tontine pension designs that research shows will enhance your pension wealth by 87% with zero added risk. Tontine pensions reduce risk for savers and enable higher levels of retirement income than existing options, according to OECD endorsements.

The Renaissance of Tontines

Before insurance companies dominated the pension market, tontines were the retirement solution of choice for centuries. A tontine is a financial arrangement where the participants contribute to a common fund, receiving dividends based on the number of participants and the performance of investments. Tontine Trust has leveraged this historical concept to create the world’s first fully digital tontine pension platform. Recent changes in consumer laws have allowed tontines to make a comeback, positioning Tontine Trust at the forefront of this renaissance.

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Guaranteed Fair Income for Life

Tontine Trust is not just creating a new financial product; it has developed a mathematically proven system that ensures members will receive a fair income for life. By partnering with governments and financial institutions, the startup will enable the creation and management of these new OECD-mandated pension designs. According to surveys, 84% of retirees would swap their capital for a lifetime income plan, making Tontine Trust’s offering incredibly relevant and timely.

Tontine Trust stands as a unique fusion of history and innovation. Its low-cost, high-reward system is attracting consumers from 34 countries. The startup has already secured a tontine trademark in 27 countries and holds patents pending in every major pension market. With such impressive credentials, Tontine Trust is well on its way to becoming the global leader in the digital pensions space.

Are you interested in a retirement plan that promises a guaranteed fair income for life? Learn more and connect with TontineTrust through the following platforms:

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