Startup Showcase: Thing.Online Transforms Virtual Meetings into Playgrounds

Reimagining Remote Collaboration: Where Conversations Flow and Ideas Take Flight

Welcome to another installment of Startup Showcase on We’re here to introduce you to the startups changing the game in their respective industries. Today, we delve into the world of Thing.Online, a German-based startup in Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, that’s reengineering the virtual meeting landscape using 2D-multiplayer-game-like concepts.

Bringing Playfulness Back to Virtual Meetings

Thing.Online is not your run-of-the-mill video conferencing tool. This innovative startup is turning virtual meetings into dynamic, game-like environments where conversations, collaborations, and creativity flourish. Utilizing a 2D-multiplayer-game-like approach, the company allows meeting participants to freely engage with each other, move their video avatars around a virtual space, and find and join conversations. This autonomy is a fundamental element in generating effective collaboration and innovation in a virtual setting.

A Meeting Facilitator’s Best Friend

The facilitator often bears the brunt of the work in a meeting, juggling meeting flow control and group dynamics. Thing.Online aims to relieve the facilitator from these burdens by providing assisted facilitation tools. These features help in controlling meeting flow, coordination, and ensure that facilitators can once again focus on driving group dynamics and fostering valuable outcomes. Whether the meeting requires ad-hoc conversations or a well-structured flow, Thing.Online provides the tools to make it happen naturally and effectively.

Democratizing Facilitation for All

Thing.Online is not just for the professional facilitator; its intuitive design ensures that even an occasional moderator can create engaging and valuable meetings. During the planning phase, it assists in the design or co-design of virtual workshops, empowering anyone to lead a successful virtual gathering. This democratization of facilitation ensures that valuable outcomes aren’t the reserve of meetings led by professional facilitators.

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The Future is Virtual, and Thing.Online is Ready

Virtual meetings have become a staple in our daily work lives, but the technology and interfaces haven’t evolved much beyond simple video and audio feeds. Thing.Online is changing this narrative. By focusing on autonomy, enabling constraints, and serendipity, the startup is setting the stage for a future where virtual meetings are as dynamic, interactive, and productive as their physical counterparts, if not more so.

As the world continues to navigate the reality of remote work and virtual interactions, Thing.Online’s innovative platform stands as a beacon for what the future of effective, enjoyable, and outcome-driven virtual meetings can be. Its focus on autonomy, assisted facilitation, and intuitive design makes it a must-try for anyone looking to break free from the monotonous grid of traditional video conferencing tools.

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