Startup Showcase: THEYA Healthcare Revolutionizes Post-Surgery Healing

Empowering Women with Innovative, Scientifically Proven Garments

Welcome to the Startup Showcase, where we unveil the most groundbreaking ventures in the EU startup landscape. In this edition, we present THEYA Healthcare, an Irish medical device company based in Dublin, that is transforming the post-surgery experience through innovative and scientifically proven garments. Join us as we explore how THEYA Healthcare empowers women, soothes the healing process, and sets a new standard in post-surgery care.

Closing the Gap: A Passionate Entrepreneur’s Vision

THEYA Healthcare was born out of a vision to bridge a gap in the post-surgery lingerie market. Founded by entrepreneur Ciara Donlon, the company addresses the needs of women undergoing breast cancer treatment who were seeking comfortable, feminine underwear designed specifically for their post-surgery journey. Recognizing the absence of such a product, Ciara embarked on a mission to create innovative garments that not only met functional requirements but also provided comfort, style, and a sense of empowerment.

Scientifically Proven Healing: The Power of Bamboo Mix Fabric

At the heart of THEYA Healthcare’s post-surgery garments is a unique bamboo mix fabric that has been scientifically proven to enhance the healing process. The fabric exhibits exceptional properties, including being 92-97% antibacterial, 59% more absorbent, and 19% better at wicking moisture away from the skin compared to cotton. By leveraging these qualities, THEYA Healthcare provides a soothing and comfortable experience for individuals during their recovery period. The fabric’s innovative design features were put to the test in a clinical trial across four Dublin teaching hospitals, outperforming competing products in terms of body image, health status, and pain relief.

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Transforming Post-Surgery Experience: Results that Matter

The impact of THEYA Healthcare’s garments on patients’ post-surgery recovery is remarkable. The clinical trial results demonstrated significant improvements in body image, health status, and pain reduction among patients wearing THEYA Healthcare bras during the four-week recovery phase. Patients reported an 8.5% improvement in body image and a 20% improvement in health status. Moreover, irritation, wound discomfort, and pain levels were reduced compared to patients using other products. In contrast, competing products showed a 9.5% deterioration in body image, only an 8% improvement in health status, and increased pain levels around the scar area. These results validate the effectiveness and transformative impact of THEYA Healthcare’s garments.

In conclusion, THEYA Healthcare is revolutionizing the post-surgery healing experience with their innovative and scientifically proven garments. By addressing the specific needs of women undergoing breast cancer treatment, THEYA Healthcare not only provides functional solutions but also empowers individuals during their recovery journey. With a unique bamboo mix fabric and a commitment to scientific research, the company sets a new standard in post-surgery care, enhancing comfort, well-being, and body image. Recognized through prestigious awards, THEYA Healthcare is driving positive change in the medical device industry and improving the lives of individuals worldwide.

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