Startup Showcase: The Mentoring Club – Revolutionizing Mentorship in the Tech Industry

The Mentoring Club is a non-profit mentoring platform that has been revolutionizing the way individuals in the tech industry learn and grow. The platform provides free mentorship to engineering and product enthusiasts, marketing and communication managers, designers, people managers, startup founders, and creative minds. Founded in Berlin in April 2020 by Jessica Dewald and Bastian Buch, The Mentoring Club has already connected over 450 mentors from around the world with eager mentees looking to advance in their personal and professional development.

Connecting Mentors and Mentees

The Mentoring Club’s online network is designed to make it easy for mentees to connect with experienced mentors from various industries. Mentees can easily join the platform and book a session with any of the experienced mentors through the online platform. The conversations are confidential, and the relationships are managed between the mentor and mentee, with the founders overseeing guidelines, structure, and organizational growth.

The Mentoring Club has seen rapid growth since its inception, with mentees coming from well-known organizations like Siemens, Amazon, KPMG, Slack, Zalando, Spotify, and Delivery Hero, among others. The platform has helped many individuals achieve their career goals, and the organization is looking to expand its reach beyond the tech industry.

Providing Access to High-Quality Mentorship

The Mentoring Club believes that mentorship should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. This is why the platform is entirely non-profit and provides free access to high-quality mentorship. The organization is passionate about helping people learn and grow, and it believes that mentorship is a powerful tool to achieve this goal.

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The Mentoring Club has a rigorous vetting process for all mentors on its platform. The organization ensures that all mentors have the necessary experience and expertise to provide high-quality mentorship to their mentees. Mentors are carefully matched with mentees based on their areas of expertise, ensuring that mentees receive the guidance they need to achieve their career goals.

International Expansion and Sponsorship

The Mentoring Club is looking to rapidly expand its reach internationally and is seeking sponsorship to enable the upscaling of its organizational structure, administration, and marketing. The platform has already seen significant success in Germany and is now looking to expand to other countries. The organization believes that mentorship should be accessible to individuals worldwide, and it is committed to providing its services to as many people as possible.


The Mentoring Club is a game-changer in the world of mentorship. Its non-profit, accessible platform provides high-quality mentorship to individuals in the tech industry and beyond. The organization’s commitment to helping people learn and grow is evident in its rigorous mentor vetting process and its dedication to providing free access to mentorship. The Mentoring Club’s founders, Jessica Dewald and Bastian Buch, have created a platform that is transforming the way people approach their personal and professional development.





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