Startup Showcase: Teicos Pharma – Breathing New Life into Inhalation Therapy

Pioneering DPI Technology: Revolutionizing Inhalation Drug Delivery

eep in the heart of Helsinki, Teicos Pharma is transforming the landscape of inhalation drug delivery. With its innovative approach to producing inhalable API powders for dry powder inhalers (DPI), the company is poised to reshape how patients receive respiratory and systemic drugs.

Next-Gen Inhalation: Beyond Traditional DPIs

Traditional DPIs often rely on coarser carrier particles to administer the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the lungs. However, this often results in uneven dosing and limited delivery to the deep lung. Teicos Pharma’s groundbreaking coating and encapsulation technology sidesteps this limitation, offering a more efficient and precise delivery mechanism.

This technology does away with the need for these carrier particles, ensuring a more direct and effective dosing of the API. Whether it’s local respiratory or systemic drugs, Teicos Pharma’s inhalable powders have the versatility to deliver.

Tailored Drug Powders: Customer-Specified Solutions

Beyond just developing an advanced inhalable powder, Teicos Pharma stands out by focusing on bespoke solutions. Collaborating closely with drug companies, Teicos Pharma creates inhalable drug powders tailored to specific pharmaceutical agents.

By forging strategic partnerships and managing joint development projects, Teicos Pharma is not only advancing its technology but is also ensuring it meets the specific needs of the broader pharmaceutical industry. This approach of co-development positions Teicos Pharma as not just a producer, but a partner in revolutionizing inhalation therapy.

Scaling for the Future: A Global Vision

With a robust technology in place, Teicos Pharma is now gearing up for its next phase – scaling production for industrial use. Recognizing the immense potential of their novel DPI technology, the company is actively seeking industrial collaborators. These partnerships will be pivotal in accelerating the adoption of Teicos Pharma’s solutions in inhalation therapy worldwide.

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Additionally, the company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its ongoing efforts to secure its intellectual property, with patents pending on its unique manufacturing process. This foresight not only safeguards Teicos Pharma’s pioneering work but also underscores its commitment to leading the industry in the years to come.

In summary, Teicos Pharma is a beacon of innovation in the pharmaceutical space, and its DPI technology promises to set a new standard in inhalation therapy. For patients and drug companies alike, Teicos Pharma’s solutions are a breath of fresh air.

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