Startup Showcase: Tame—Revolutionizing the World of Branded Virtual Events

Making Virtual Events Fun, Engaging, and Customizable—One Brand at a Time

Welcome to this week’s Startup Showcase featured on In today’s spotlight, we’re bringing you an innovative Danish startup that is changing the way we experience virtual events: Tame. Based in Copenhagen, Tame is the #1 platform for branded virtual events that not only let you customize your event but also makes them engaging and fun to attend.

Redefining Virtual Events for the Brand-Centric World

In the modern world where everything is brand-centric, Tame sets itself apart by offering complete customization options for your virtual events. Gone are the days when your virtual event had to fit into a standard template. With Tame, you can fully align the event experience with your brand’s unique voice and visual identity. From a personalized welcome message for attendees to custom chats and sponsor booths, Tame offers an exhaustive list of features that allow you to stamp your brand’s footprint all over your virtual event.

Enabling Seamless Live and Pre-Recorded Content Delivery

As a host, you have the flexibility to broadcast content across multiple stages. Not only can you stream live via any broadcasting software, but you can also broadcast pre-recorded videos, making it seem as if it’s live. This brings an unparalleled versatility to event organizers, letting them create a dynamic and engaging event, free from the technical limitations that often plague virtual gatherings.

Enhancing Engagement with Breakout Sessions and 1:1 Networking

One of the most crucial aspects of any event, virtual or otherwise, is networking. Tame enables this by allowing public or private breakout sessions. Attendees can engage in 1:1 video meetings, fostering better connections and more meaningful conversations. The platform also offers customizable chat features that allow for one-to-one chats, group chats, or even session-specific chats, making it easier for attendees to engage in the way that suits them best.

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The team at Tame is a diverse mix of dreamers, creators, and rule-breakers who are passionate about merging design and technology. With decades-long aggregated experience in creating events and solving real-world problems, Tame’s international crew is committed to innovating a “broken event industry” through relentless focus on the great experience.

Tame is not just a virtual event platform; it’s an experience-centric company that believes in the power of great experiences. Whether you’re a corporation, a non-profit, or just someone looking to host an unforgettable virtual event, Tame has got you covered. Their unyielding focus on customer satisfaction and innovation make them a company to watch in the burgeoning world of virtual events.

For those interested in elevating their virtual events to new heights of customization and engagement, Tame is the platform to explore.


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