Startup Showcase: Tabspace – Quantifiable Insights into Software Development Teams

As a software engineer, it can be difficult to determine whether a company is the right fit for you before you start the interview process. Often, job listings are vague, technical screening calls can take up a lot of time, and code challenges can be daunting. Tabspace is here to help software developers make informed career decisions by providing quantifiable insights into the workings of software development teams.

The Problem

No two development teams have the same approach to working, and it can be challenging for developers to get a sense of a company’s engineering culture and approach to developing products and services. Many software developers encounter obstacles such as vague job listings, lengthy technical screening calls, and time-consuming code challenges before they even get a chance to speak to a company about the team, the role, and the company’s engineering approach. This can be frustrating for developers and result in wasted time and effort.

The Solution

Tabspace is the first peer review community for software developers. It accepts anonymous reviews of software development teams from current and former employees, allowing employers and prospective employees to gain quantifiable insights into how engineering teams operate. Developers are invited to take a short, structured survey about their experience in their current and former roles. This explores a number of areas of interest such as the approach to engineering, the day-to-day culture, and career opportunities within the team and across the company.

Tabspace achieves this through an approach similar to agile planning poker, which they call “review poker.” Developers are offered a short series of questions and asked to assign a value to the topics using their poker cards. All data is aggregated and kept anonymous, and Tabspace takes measures to verify the integrity of the feedback to provide confidence in the insights provided by the reviews.

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The Benefits

The insights provided by Tabspace will enable developers to get a sense of development teams before they even start the interview process, research teams and source roles that fit their lifestyle and career goals, compare different software engineering teams, and allow teams to identify and address any particular trends or areas of concern while recognizing successes.


Tabspace is a powerful tool for developers who want to make informed career decisions, and for companies who want to attract and retain top talent by providing a transparent and quantifiable view into their software development teams. Join the Tabspace community today and gain valuable insights into the workings of software development teams!




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