Startup Showcase: Sustainalube – Revolutionizing Lubricants for Sustainability

Revolutionizing Lubricants for Sustainability

In our Startup Showcase series, we turn our focus to Luleå, Sweden, introducing you to Sustainalube, an innovative company that’s developing a groundbreaking type of environmentally friendly lubricant.

Innovation Fueled by Sustainability

Sustainalube was born out of a commitment to exceed environmental requirements without sacrificing performance or cost-effectiveness. The brainchild of three professors from Luleå University of Technology, Sustainalube has set out on a journey to revolutionize the lubricant market with its patented technology.

Creating lubricants that are non-toxic, completely biodegradable, and water-soluble is no small feat. Yet, this is exactly what Sustainalube has achieved. In an industry traditionally linked with environmentally harmful byproducts, Sustainalube’s products stand out as a beacon of sustainable practices.

From Forests to Construction Sites

Sustainalube’s products are not only eco-friendly but also offer superior performance that meets the demanding needs of industries such as forestry and construction. The company’s approach to sales has been as innovative as its product, handling sales in-house and via retailers. Despite its relatively recent inception in 2015, Sustainalube has already made substantial inroads with clients worldwide.

One of the company’s major selling points is its lubricants’ water solubility, meaning cleaning can be done without the use of environmentally harmful cleaners. This unique feature saves time and money for users, offering a practical advantage while also minimizing the environmental impact.

Recognition and Awards

Sustainalube’s innovative approach has not gone unnoticed. The startup has won numerous entrepreneurial competitions for its revolutionary, environmentally friendly technology, including the Venture Cup Sweden in the “”Environment & Energy”” category and the 2015 Future Prize.

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The accolades that Sustainalube has received point to the significance of its contribution to both the lubricant market and the wider push for sustainability in industry. Their work serves as a reminder of the immense potential that lies in combining technical innovation with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainalube’s pioneering work is helping redefine the possibilities for environmentally friendly industrial products. With its continued focus on innovation and sustainability, we can expect to see more groundbreaking developments from this ambitious Swedish startup.




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