Startup Showcase: SUPACharge – Revolutionizing Social Finance

The Multi-chain SocialFi App that Connects Web3 Creators and Communities

SUPACharge is a cross-chain, decentralized instant messaging platform, and socially evolved decentralized staking platform, creating a sustainable SocialFi ecosystem that connects users, projects, and creators worldwide. It offers a range of services to users, including instant messaging, exclusive and public channels, community features, profile showcasing, and many more.

Decentralised Identity Messaging

SUPACharge offers secure, private, and decentralized chatting with users via wallet-to-wallet messaging, allowing for a more secure communication experience with no risk of data breaches. The platform employs a decentralized identity messaging system that ensures user anonymity and data privacy while keeping all chat history encrypted.

Connect with Fellow Investors and the Broader Community

SUPACharge allows users to connect with fellow investors and broader communities through auto-onboarding onto exclusive and public channels. Channels are created automatically based on the assets that users hold, ensuring that users have access to exclusive channels that match their investment interests.

Follow Friends and Influencer Trades

With SUPACharge, users can view and follow profiles that showcase their trading activity, portfolio on multiple chains, and investment strategies. They can also track the trades of friends and influencers, allowing for better decision-making based on the performance of others.

Automatic Channel Creation

SUPACharge’s innovative platform enables token and NFT projects to create their own channels automatically. This provides users with access to information on any token or NFT project in the market, with moderator access provided on the first login.

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SUPACharge is the new and revolutionary multi-chain SocialFi app that connects Web3 creators and communities. Its innovative platform offers decentralized instant messaging, exclusive and public channels, community features, and more. The SUPACharge team has created a sustainable SocialFi ecosystem that empowers users, projects, and creators to connect, collaborate, and thrive.

For more information, visit SUPACharge’s website and social media pages.




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