Startup Showcase: Student Competitions AB Revolutionizes Global Student Engagement

Unleashing Innovation and Opportunity through Global Student Competitions

Welcome to the Startup Showcase, where we bring you the most exciting and impactful ventures in the EU startup scene. In this edition, we shine the spotlight on Student Competitions AB, a Stockholm-based startup that is revolutionizing the way students engage with global opportunities. Join us as we explore how Student Competitions AB is creating a platform for open innovation, connecting top students from around the world with life-changing competitions and unlocking their potential.

Aggregating the World’s Student Competitions: A Gateway to Opportunity

Student Competitions AB has developed a comprehensive website,, that serves as a centralized platform for aggregating global competitions targeting students. From business plan competitions to design challenges, case competitions, and science contests, the platform offers a vast array of opportunities for students to showcase their talents, gain recognition, and compete on a global stage. By consolidating these competitions in one place, Student Competitions AB simplifies the search process and enables students to discover new avenues for personal and professional growth.

Enabling Open Innovation and Talent Acquisition

Beyond providing a platform for students to participate in competitions, Student Competitions AB also offers a competition-based communication platform for companies and organizations. This unique feature allows companies to engage with students globally, leveraging competitions as a means to stimulate open innovation, collect fresh ideas, and identify top talent. By tapping into the global student community, companies gain access to a pool of creative thinkers who can contribute innovative solutions and insights to real-world challenges. Student Competitions AB facilitates the connection between students and companies, fostering collaboration and mutual benefit.

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Empowering Students, Unlocking Global Opportunities

Student Competitions AB’s user base comprises top students from over 190 countries who are eager to explore global opportunities and enhance their university experience. By participating in competitions, students gain valuable skills, expand their networks, and open doors to international opportunities that they may not have otherwise discovered. The platform not only offers a chance to showcase their abilities but also serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Through competitions, students can broaden their horizons, develop their talents, and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

In conclusion, Student Competitions AB is revolutionizing the way students engage with global opportunities by providing a comprehensive platform for accessing and participating in student competitions. By aggregating competitions from diverse fields and connecting students with companies seeking open innovation, the startup empowers students to unlock their potential, explore new horizons, and make meaningful contributions. Student Competitions AB is bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, creating a dynamic ecosystem that benefits students, companies, and society at large.

To learn more about Student Competitions AB and explore the world of student competitions, visit their website at Stay connected with their latest updates and announcements by following them on:

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