Startup Showcase: Stem Sel Srl: Revolutionizing Stem Cell Separation and Selection

Stem Sel Srl, a spinoff founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs from the University of Bologna, is revolutionizing the field of regenerative medicine with its proprietary technology for tag-less separation and selection of cells, particularly human stem cells from complex, adult “discarded” tissues. Stem Sel’s innovation lies in its instrumentation, called Celector(R), which separates, profiles, characterizes, counts, isolates, and collects the best cells without manipulation.

A Game-Changer in Regenerative Medicine

The field of regenerative medicine has been rapidly expanding, and the demand for human stem cells for cell therapy applications has been increasing. The traditional methods for isolating and selecting stem cells involve the use of tags or markers, which can affect the properties of the cells and potentially compromise their therapeutic efficacy. Stem Sel’s Celector(R) solves this problem by using a tag-less separation and selection process that preserves the stem cell properties and ensures their therapeutic efficacy.

Proprietary Technology

The proprietary technology behind Celector(R) is what sets it apart from traditional stem cell separation and selection methods. The instrumentation uses a combination of mechanical and electrical forces to separate and select the stem cells, making it highly effective and efficient. Celector(R) is also highly versatile and can be used with a range of complex, adult “discarded” tissues, such as placenta, umbilical cord, lipoaspirate, and dental pulp.

Robust IP Management

Stem Sel has a robust management of IP based on a cluster of different national and international patents on its methods, technologies, and devices for the cell fractionation process. This ensures that Stem Sel has exclusive rights to its innovative technology, protecting it from potential imitators and allowing it to continue to innovate and develop its technology further.

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Potential Applications

The potential applications of Stem Sel’s technology are vast and promising. Stem Sel’s Celector(R) can be used to produce high-quality stem cells for regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and tissue engineering applications. The technology can also be used in research and development, allowing scientists to study and analyze stem cells more effectively.


Stem Sel Srl is a startup that is making significant strides in the field of regenerative medicine with its innovative technology for stem cell separation and selection. The company’s proprietary technology, Celector(R), is highly effective, efficient, versatile, and preserves the properties of the stem cells, making it an ideal choice for cell therapy applications. Stem Sel has a robust management of IP, ensuring the exclusive rights to its technology. The potential applications of Stem Sel’s technology are vast and promising, and the company is poised to become a leader in the field of regenerative medicine.





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