Startup Showcase: Standard Access, Revolutionizing Real Estate Access

Unlocking Doors and Data with Soundwave Technology

In the next installment of’ startup showcase, we turn our spotlight on Standard Access, an innovative startup based in Dingle, Kerry, Ireland. They are disrupting the property technology (PropTech) industry with their encrypted soundwave technology and dynamic data analytics.

Breaking Barriers with Encrypted Sound Byte Technology

Standard Access has developed a patent-pending technology that utilizes encrypted sound bytes to open doors. This proprietary technology, managed via their smartphone app, offers a level of security unparalleled by their competitors. Furthermore, it’s a cross-platform protocol compatible with any smartphone. By integrating their hardware and ERP software with this data-over-sound solution, Standard Access has managed to revolutionize secure access systems.

Cloud-Based Virtual Keys: Enhancing Security and Accessibility

The advent of cloud-based virtual keys has brought forth a significant change in the PropTech industry. Standard Access’s solution enables clients to specify who, when, where, and for how long a user can access a property. The time-restricted access not only improves security but also paves the way for monetizing access to spaces. Such a system addresses the challenges of managing physical access and keys while optimizing the utilization and monetization of space.

Data-Driven Approach: Gleaning Insights from Traffic and Usage

Standard Access doesn’t stop at secure access. With their enterprise resource platform, they deliver dynamic analytics of traffic and usage of spaces, providing valuable insights to their clients. By integrating this with their smart lock technology, they’ve created a comprehensive PropTech solution that enables clients to manage access and understand how their space is being used in real-time.

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The App: A Gateway to an Enhanced Building Experience

Standard Access’s app functions as more than just an access tool. It can serve as the gateway between their clients’ customers and their entire building experience. This seamless integration of technology into the building experience underlines Standard Access’s commitment to creating user-friendly solutions that enhance real estate management and utilization.

Through their innovation and dedication, Standard Access is reshaping the PropTech landscape. Their ability to amalgamate secure access solutions with dynamic data analytics creates an all-encompassing package that addresses a range of challenges faced by the real estate industry.

As they continue to unlock new possibilities in the realm of secure access and PropTech, eagerly anticipates following their journey. Standard Access is indeed an embodiment of innovation that startups all over Europe can look up to.


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