Startup Showcase: Stampify – Enhancing Corporate Governance with Digital Solutions

A legal and digital platform for all your Governance duties

Stampify is a Luxembourg-based startup that provides a digital corporate governance platform. As a provider of a Digital Corporate Governance platform, Stampify is committed to maintaining extremely high levels of quality service through its skilled technical employees and the use of technology. The company firmly believes in collaboration between people and technology to digitalize corporate governance and enhance the decision-making process.

Efficient Compliant Technology

Stampify has developed an efficient compliant technology that digitalizes and automates the board meeting preparation and its voting workflows. The lack of automation in corporate governance reduces performance and increases the risk in decision-making processes. However, with Stampify’s solution, transparency and traceability are brought to the decision-makers, and directors’ involvement and accountability are enhanced.

Real-time Updates and Voting

With Stampify’s solution, directors and executives can track company performance, collaborate with other board members, receive real-time updates of board materials, vote for agenda points, and sign meeting documents in real-time from their phones, tablets, and computers. The platform is fully integrated with LuxTrust, an EU certified and qualified electronic identity service, making Stampify’s legally binding documentation unique and superior to other alternative solutions.

Efficient and Secure Method for Conducting Board Meetings

Stampify’s platform provides an efficient and secure method for conducting board meetings digitally, whether they are physical or remote meetings. By maximizing the effectiveness, performance, and traceability of board meetings, the platform reduces the cost of corporate governance workflows and enhances the board’s resilience. With the platform accessible in real-time and on-demand, board members can optimize their schedules, track meeting materials’ updates, and facilitate the transmission of board documents.

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Stampify is revolutionizing the corporate governance industry by providing a digital platform that enhances the decision-making process, increases transparency, and reduces the cost of workflows. The platform’s unique and efficient compliant technology and integration with LuxTrust make it a superior solution for legally binding documentation. With its commitment to maintaining high levels of quality service, Stampify is a startup to watch as it continues to bring technology and collaboration to corporate governance.





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