Startup Showcase: Social WiFi – Empowering Brick & Mortar Businesses to Create a Better Digital Experience for Their Customers

As the world becomes increasingly digital, brick and mortar businesses struggle to compete with their online counterparts. Social WiFi, a Polish startup founded in 2012, aims to change that by helping businesses provide a better digital experience that drives return visits and online recommendations.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Social WiFi provides businesses with a guest WiFi system that allows them to communicate with their customers, gather valuable customer insights, and drive more visits. Their platform answers four key questions for business operators: who are their customers, how happy are they, do/will they come back, and will they recommend you?

Their innovative platform provides customers with an easy and secure way to access WiFi while providing businesses with a powerful tool to communicate with their customers. Social WiFi’s automation tools deliver communications to customers that drive more visits and build customer loyalty.

Social WiFi’s solution is particularly strong in the hospitality and retail sectors, with clients including hotels, shopping malls, offices, and stadia. With a potential yearly recurring revenue of $4,000 per location, the market is worth $4.8 billion per year, and Social WiFi is highly scalable.

Competitive Advantages

Social WiFi has several competitive advantages that make them stand out in the crowded guest WiFi market. Their platform is integrated into over 95% of the enterprise hardware market, making it easy to set up in minutes. Their SaaS model requires no contracts, making it easy to do business with them. They offer a free trial at no cost to their customers, and their business name is the industry name, making them easy to find and recognize. Finally, they are trademarked in the EU, providing them with additional protection in the marketplace.

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Empowering Businesses to Succeed

Social WiFi’s platform helps brick and mortar businesses communicate with their customers and provide a better digital experience that drives return visits and online recommendations. Their innovative solution is a game-changer for businesses looking to compete in the digital age. With their unique approach, Social WiFi is empowering businesses to succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace.





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