Startup Showcase: SnapSwap International – Revolutionizing Business Finance in Europe

Elevating Expense Management and Payment Flow: A Blueprint for the Future of FinTech

Welcome to this edition of Startup Showcase, where we spotlight rising stars in the European startup ecosystem. This month, we focus on SnapSwap International S.A., a Luxembourg-based FinTech innovator aiming to reshape how businesses manage payments and expenses.

Pioneering FinTech from the Heart of Europe

Headquartered in Luxembourg, SnapSwap International S.A. is a pivotal player in the European financial technology landscape. The company offers Everest, a cutting-edge platform for business payments and expense management. As a fully licensed and regulated Electronic Money Institution, SnapSwap has carved out a distinctive niche by combining user-friendly interfaces with robust financial technologies.

What Makes Everest Special?

Everest is not your standard payment platform; it is an integrated ecosystem specifically designed for businesses. At its core, the platform offers a current account feature to easily collect customer payments, complete with invoice functionality. The user interface is streamlined to maximize efficiency, saving businesses precious time. It even allows business owners to manage credit cards issued to their teams, offering a higher degree of flexibility and control over payment flows.

Moreover, as a principal partner of Mastercard, SnapSwap has the capability to issue both credit and debit cards while handling transaction processing seamlessly. This partnership gives Everest a competitive edge in a crowded market, making it an increasingly popular choice for SMEs across Europe.

A New Standard in Customer Onboarding

SnapSwap knows that the first impression counts, especially in the digital age. In 2017, they launched Snaprove™, a digital onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) service that significantly speeds up customer verification and due diligence. By simplifying the collection of KYC data, SnapSwap ensures businesses can get up and running on their platform in no time. This ease of onboarding is a game-changer in a financial world bogged down by cumbersome verification processes.

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Why SnapSwap Stands Out

In an industry often criticized for its lack of innovation, SnapSwap sets itself apart by continually refining its technology stack. With a proven track record in building digital platforms for onboarding and KYC technologies, the company is clearly in it for the long haul. Everest’s user-friendly features and the company’s relentless focus on innovation make SnapSwap a name to watch in the world of FinTech.

As business finance becomes increasingly complex, platforms like Everest offer a welcome simplification. SnapSwap is not just riding the FinTech wave; it’s shaping it, promising a future where financial management is neither tedious nor complicated, but a strategic asset for businesses.

For more details, you can visit SnapSwap’s official website and social media pages:

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