Startup Showcase: Snapkin, Revolutionizing Architectural Space With

Creating New Dimensions: Transforming Construction Industry Through Innovative Technology

Today’s startup showcase introduces Snapkin, a pioneering software development company based in Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. With its innovative 3D measurement and floor plan tool, Snapkin is radically transforming the way we visualize and understand architectural spaces.

Digital Innovation: The Snapkin Edge

Snapkin is at the forefront of innovation with its unique 3D measurement and floor plan tool developed using Microsoft Kinect. This product represents a major shift in the construction industry, currently consisting of over 200,000 companies in France alone. The tool’s function is simple yet transformative: it automatically generates a 3D version of a building’s interior and a quoted floor plan, bridging the gap between physical space and digital representation.

Collaboration and Research: The Brains Behind the Operation

Snapkin’s cutting-edge product is the outcome of significant collaborative effort and research. Developed in partnership with the respected Laboratoire d’informatique et d’ingénierie de Production (LGI2P) of Ecole des Mines d’Alès engineering school and led by Ph.D. Philippe Montesinos, the software integrates innovative solutions with in-depth research. The project is currently steered by Jeremy Guillaume, CEO & Founder, and Damien Dous, CTO & Co-founder.

Partnerships and Accreditations: Recognition and Support

Snapkin’s progress and innovation haven’t gone unnoticed. The startup is backed by Innov’up, a startup accelerator of the Ecole des Mines d’Alès, and is partnered with the European Social Fund. Further solidifying its position as an innovator, Microsoft accepted Snapkin as a partner for testing and adopting the Kinect for Windows, along with including it in the Bizspark program for Start-ups and the Microsoft Network Partner.

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Snapkin: Pioneering the Future of Construction

With its emphasis on technological innovation and close ties to academic research, Snapkin is making waves in the construction industry. Its unique tool has the potential to revolutionize how professionals understand and utilize space, creating more efficient and precise ways to plan, design, and construct.

Snapkin’s journey illustrates a tale of innovation, collaboration, and transformation. It’s an exciting journey to follow, and one that is undoubtedly leading to the future of the construction industry. is eager to follow Snapkin’s progress and delighted to share their story with our readers.


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