Startup Showcase: Smartmile – Connecting Stakeholders for Sustainable Delivery Innovations

Smartmile is an international startup that is revolutionizing the delivery industry by opening doors to a sustainable world, one delivery at a time. With its innovative infrastructure of parcel machines, Smartmile connects all stakeholders in one (eco) system for more sustainable delivery solutions.

Building a Sustainable Delivery ecosystem

Smartmile’s mission is to build delivery ecosystems worldwide that connect couriers, retailers, impact initiatives and more, all to reduce CO2 and optimise a broken Last Mile. Currently, the company’s fast-growing international network includes over 250 delivery machines in Finland and the Netherlands.

Smartmile works in close collaboration with major players such as DHL and Lidl, among others. The company’s delivery machines are remotely controlled delivery locations used to receive, return, and ship products to consumers. The machines can also be used by retailers or other service providers in the area to develop services together. The end goal is to minimize driving, centralize delivery and expand the use of lockers beyond parcel exchange.

Beyond Hardware: A Versatile Software Solution

Smartmile’s solution goes beyond hardware. The company’s versatile software optimizes all delivery networks and turns them into platforms for sustainable delivery innovations. Smartmile software transforms any delivery machine into a smart delivery hub, which is open to all couriers, retailers, impact initiatives, customers and more, to optimize delivery processes bringing many services back to single locations.

Smartmile Empowered Hubs

Our technology turns the last mile into an ecosystem with regained control over its footprint and collaborative processes.

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Multiple stakeholders own different parts of the service chain, from retailers’ warehouses to consumers’ doorsteps. Each part holds another responsibility in solving the last mile. Connected, these individual solutions can transform a disconnected, high-emission, and costly last mile into a holistic ecological solution. We push our partners to focus less on re-designing single parts of the last mile and more on problem-solving as one (eco)system.

To connect any last-mile player, we extended our technology to integrate any system. Our platform can run on/empower any parcel locker (regardless of hardware provider API) and turn it into a connector of retailers, couriers, e-commerce, impact initiatives, customers, etc.

Looking for Investors and Team Members

Smartmile is currently looking for investors who recognize the need for better and more sustainable urban online delivery and a global revolution. The company’s team members are entrepreneurs, engineers, creative minds, and startup enthusiasts who are passionate about revolutionizing delivery globally and making it truly sustainable.

Join the Smartmile Revolution

Smartmile is revolutionizing the world of delivery with its innovative infrastructure and versatile software solutions. By connecting all stakeholders in one neutral platform for sustainable delivery innovations, Smartmile is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

If you’re interested in joining the Smartmile revolution, check out their website and openings today.





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