Startup Showcase: SimplyEdit – The CMS Designed for the Decentralized Web

The decentralized web is the future of the internet, offering solutions to some of the most fundamental problems of the current web, such as security, privacy, congestion, single points of failure, censorship, and linkrot. However, for businesses and individuals who want to make the transition to this new web, finding a good content management system (CMS) has been a challenge. SimplyEdit, based in Enschede, The Netherlands, has developed the first backendless CMS that runs in your browser, providing a simple solution for creating websites on the decentralized web.

In this startup showcase, we will explore how SimplyEdit has revolutionized website creation and how its innovative technology is helping businesses and individuals make the transition to the decentralized web.

Simplifying Website Creation

SimplyEdit has developed a CMS that removes the need for development skills, allowing designers to create websites directly in their browser. With SimplyEdit, only design skills and knowledge of HTML and CSS are required to create a website, making it simple and easy for web designers to create sites without the need for a developer.

The CMS is designed to empower web designers to design a good website and publish it directly, without the need for a developer. The client or content editor gets the added benefit of having a very simple way of editing content directly on the website without fear of affecting the design. SimplyEdit believes that websites should be designed, not developed, which saves time and money and truly gives you a website without concessions.

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Utilizing Blockchain Technology

SimplyEdit utilizes the technologies behind Bitcoin and blockchain to provide a simple and secure solution for website creation. By leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology, SimplyEdit can provide a decentralized solution that eliminates the need for a centralized server.

This innovative approach to website creation means that website owners have complete control over their content and can ensure that it is stored securely and privately. SimplyEdit has also solved the problem of linkrot, which is common in the current web, by creating permanent and verifiable links that cannot be deleted or changed.

Transitioning to the Decentralized Web

SimplyEdit’s technology is helping businesses and individuals make the transition to the decentralized web. The CMS is designed to work seamlessly with the decentralized web, providing a simple and effective solution for website creation.

SimplyEdit is also committed to educating businesses and individuals about the benefits of the decentralized web and how they can make the transition. By providing a simple and secure CMS, SimplyEdit is helping to accelerate the adoption of the decentralized web and create a more secure and private internet for everyone.


SimplyEdit is a startup that is revolutionizing website creation and helping businesses and individuals make the transition to the decentralized web. Its innovative CMS simplifies the process of creating websites, while its use of blockchain technology provides a secure and private solution for storing and managing content. SimplyEdit is committed to creating a more secure and private internet for everyone, and its technology is helping to accelerate the adoption of the decentralized web.

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