Startup Showcase: Side – Redefining Temporary Work with Instant Matching

Connecting Businesses with Qualified Profiles Instantly

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, where flexibility and efficiency are paramount, Side has emerged as a trailblazing startup on a mission to transform the way businesses find and match with qualified temporary workers. With a seamless and innovative platform, Side is redefining temporary work, making it easier than ever for companies to connect with the right talent for their needs.

Instant Matching for Effortless Hiring

Revolutionizing the Way Companies Find Talent

Gone are the days of time-consuming hiring processes and lengthy searches for temporary workers. Side has set out to simplify and accelerate the process by offering a platform that instantly matches companies with qualified profiles. Whether a business requires help for a few hours or several months, Side’s technology ensures that the right candidate is identified within seconds, streamlining the entire hiring journey.

Unlocking Efficiency for Both Sides

The beauty of Side lies in its dual benefit. On one side, companies can tap into a pool of pre-qualified talent in a matter of seconds, enabling them to efficiently address their temporary staffing needs. On the other side, individuals seeking temporary work can find opportunities that match their skills and availability seamlessly. This mutual efficiency makes Side a win-win solution for businesses and workers alike.

From Start to Growth: Side’s Impact

Rapid Growth and Industry Recognition

Since its inception in 2015, Side has witnessed impressive growth, emerging as a key player in the realm of temporary work solutions. Companies such as HelloFresh, Deliveroo, Urban Massage, Soundcloud, Uber, and Stripe have all turned to Side to fulfill their staffing requirements. The startup’s innovative approach to matching has earned it recognition and partnerships with industry giants.

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Expanding Horizons: The Road Ahead

Based in Paris and London, Side is not resting on its laurels. The startup has ambitious plans to expand its footprint into new cities, industries, and job categories. With a vision of creating the smoothest work experience, Side aims to continue its journey of redefining how companies and workers interact in the realm of temporary employment.


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