Startup Showcase: SenseNet – Pioneer of Hybrid Open Source CMS

Revolutionising Content Management with Hybrid Open Source Technology

Welcome to’ latest startup showcase, where we spotlight disruptive, inspiring, and innovative startups from across Europe. Today, we bring to you SenseNet, a Budapest-based company changing the game in the field of open-source content management systems (CMS) on the .NET platform.

An Innovative Approach to Content Management

SenseNet was born in 1995 from a vision to make website-building tools more user-friendly and accessible to businesses. The company’s flagship offering, Sense/Net 6.0, launched in 2008, is the only enterprise-grade open-source portal builder available on .NET, making it unique in the market.

The SenseNet team took an innovative approach, creating what they call ‘hybrid open source’ — an intriguing alternative to proprietary tools without the need to abandon the .NET platform. This concept has enabled SenseNet to make a significant impact in the Hungarian market, serving key clients including E.ON, Hungary’s National Bank, and the Prime Minister’s Office.

A Dominating Presence and Impressive Growth

With over 15 years of market dominance in Hungary, SenseNet has managed to stand the test of time while maintaining a steady pace of growth. The technology of SenseNet has seen application in diverse domains, including managing video content for Hungary’s first reality show ‘The Bar’ and the Hungarian series of ‘Big Brother’.

SenseNet’s revenue now surpasses 1 million, and the company has grown to a dedicated team of over 40 people. The company’s business structure consists of two units — one focused on delivering top-tier services to clients and another manufacturing its solutions and supplying them to resellers.

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Looking Forward: The Future of Content Management

As we look towards the future, SenseNet’s focus on combining open-source technology with the .NET platform paves the way for innovation and increased accessibility. The company’s approach of ‘hybrid open source’ is not just an alternative but a revolution that bridges the gap between the benefits of open-source and the robustness of .NET.

The burgeoning digital landscape and the ever-increasing demand for content management solutions present immense opportunities for SenseNet. With a successful track record and a unique offering, the company is poised to continue its growth and revolutionize the content management industry.

For businesses looking for a user-friendly, robust, and flexible CMS, SenseNet might just be the solution.

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