Startup Showcase: – Revolutionizing Health Insurance Advisory

Leading the digital transformation of health insurance consulting

Situated in the scenic city of Nice, France, stands as a leader in the health insurance advisory industry. As a specialized health broker, they’ve ingeniously designed a simple, fast, and free comparator for their customers, allowing them to select one or more offers based on their needs. Their independence, honed since 2007, guarantees quality advice with complete impartiality.

Innovation: Simplifying the Complex World of Health Insurance

With just a few clicks, clients can easily access’s simplified comparator, equipped with specially designed filters to refine their requirements and select the most suitable plan. In the often bewildering landscape of insurance offers and complex guarantees, takes on the mission of presenting competitive offers to its customers transparently.

Adding a personal touch to the digital experience,’s 200-strong team of advisors can guide clients in choosing a health mutual and answer all their questions. The completely secure and digitalized process allows clients to compare, discuss with their advisor, and subscribe to a health mutual without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Credibility: Authenticated Customer Satisfaction

A testament to’s commitment to excellent service quality is the high customer satisfaction rating of 4.76/5 based on over 78,000 authenticated reviews collected by third-party Ekomi. These reviews reflect the company’s relentless effort to make the comparison and subscription of health mutuals easy and transparent.

Beyond health insurance, has expanded its services to include guidance in choosing a provident guarantee, funeral insurance, dependency insurance, or even health insurance for pets, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to insurance consulting.

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Looking Ahead:’s Expanding Services

With its innovative digital solutions and customer-centric approach, continues to redefine the health insurance advisory industry. Its commitment to transparency, impartiality, and customer satisfaction sets it apart in the competitive startup ecosystem.

For anyone navigating the complex world of health insurance, a visit to’s website or a chat with one of their expert advisors can make the process significantly more manageable. You can also follow them on their social media platforms for the latest updates:

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