Startup Showcase: run angel – Personal Safety, Amplified

A Sound Investment in Personal Security

From the streets of Cork, Ireland emerges a safety wearable unlike any other. Dubbed “run angel,” this innovation is redefining personal safety for everyone from joggers to overseas travelers. Combining the power of acoustic science with cutting-edge wearable tech, founders David & Ellen Caren have given birth to a product that’s making noise, quite literally, in the personal safety market.

Loud and Clear: Not Just a Wearable, but a Lifesaver

The primary concern for any safety device is its effectiveness in drawing attention during emergencies. Run Angel’s standout feature is its loud 120dB high-pitched audible alarm. Designed with a patent-pending acoustic sound chamber, this wearable ensures that its alarm doesn’t just sound; it resonates, alerting passersby and potentially scaring off threats.

The company’s focus from the outset was on the audible capabilities of its product. In an emergency, the louder the sound, the higher the chances of attracting attention. Through rigorous R&D and collaboration with acoustic experts, the team achieved their desired decibel threshold, making run angel a wearable to be reckoned with.

Beyond Sound: Keeping Loved Ones Informed

While the loud alarm sets run angel apart, the safety wearable doesn’t stop there. Understanding the value of immediate support, the Carens incorporated Bluetooth connectivity into their device. This feature, when paired with the accompanying run angel iOS & Android app, empowers users to create a “guardian network.”

In the unfortunate event that the alarm is activated, run angel sends out instant alerts to this pre-set network, notifying loved ones of a potential emergency. The notifications are dispatched via SMS and email, ensuring timely communication. This dual safety approach – a loud alarm to deter potential threats and alert messages for a quick response – provides users with a comprehensive safety net.

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Inception and Impact

Run Angel Ltd.’s origin is both heartwarming and inspiring. Founded in 2013 by the husband-wife duo, David & Ellen, the company has grown with the assistance of a diverse team that includes engineers, app developers, and security advisors. Their collective efforts have resulted in a product that protects individuals during some of their most vulnerable moments, whether jogging alone at dawn or navigating unfamiliar streets overseas.

The wearable’s design, combined with its impressive tech integrations, not only keeps individuals safe but also provides peace of mind to their families. By acting as a beacon in moments of distress, run angel is proving that technology, when harnessed with empathy and purpose, can be a true lifesaver.

In conclusion, run angel is a testament to what startups can achieve when they blend innovation with real-world needs. As personal safety becomes a growing concern worldwide, solutions like run angel will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in ensuring that everyone, no matter where they are, can feel a little safer.

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