Startup Showcase: ROIALTY – Unveiling Insights, Personalization, and Profiling

Transforming Marketing Strategies with Cutting-Edge Customer Insights Technology

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing technology, a pioneering force has emerged – ROIALTY. Hailing from the vibrant city of Milan, Italy, ROIALTY is revolutionizing the way businesses understand their customers, leverage data, and create tailored marketing strategies. This startup showcase sheds light on ROIALTY’s journey, its groundbreaking solutions, and its commitment to empowering businesses in diverse industries.

A Glimpse into ROIALTY’s Vision

At its core, ROIALTY is a marketing technology company specializing in customer insights, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and DMP (Data Management Platform) enrichment. Founded in December 2014, ROIALTY was born from the collaborative efforts of experienced internet-focused managers from KPMG, NTT DATA, ORACLE, and talented digital entrepreneurs. This fusion of expertise and innovation positions ROIALTY as a dynamic force driving change in FMCG retail, finance, and Telco/Media markets.

Unveiling the Power of Social Media Insights

ROIALTY’s innovation lies in its ability to leverage social media data to create real-time profiles of individuals. By analyzing interests and behaviors, ROIALTY provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their customers. This knowledge empowers companies to make informed decisions, design precise marketing campaigns, and personalize customer experiences like never before. With ROIALTY, the key to success lies in turning data into actionable insights.

Transformative Solutions for Diverse Industries

ROIALTY’s solutions touch every aspect of modern marketing. By enriching CRM data with social insights, businesses complete customer profiles, ensuring more effective interactions. The platform’s predictive capabilities identify potential customers by analyzing their social behaviors, enhancing lead generation. With ROIALTY, content optimization becomes seamless, ensuring that the right content reaches the right audience at the right time.

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Additionally, ROIALTY enables personalized marketing campaigns that create profile-driven customer experiences, fostering engagement and loyalty. The platform’s impact extends to email marketing, boosting open rates and click-throughs by delivering relevant content. ROIALTY also elevates e-commerce strategies by refining recommendation engines, ensuring that the right products find their way to the right consumers.

Shaping the Future of Marketing

ROIALTY’s influence reverberates across industries, shaping how businesses connect, communicate, and captivate their audience. With a commitment to innovation and personalization, ROIALTY empowers brands to foster deeper connections, elevate customer experiences, and drive business growth. As marketing continues to evolve, ROIALTY stands as a beacon of transformation, guiding companies toward data-driven success.


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