Startup Showcase: Roboyo – Reshaping Business with Intelligent Automation

Leading the Charge in the Global Automation Consulting Industry

Welcome to another exciting edition of our Startup Showcase, where we spotlight ambitious EU startups shaking up their sectors. Today, we’re focusing on Roboyo, a Nürnberg-based startup that’s making waves in the realm of intelligent automation consulting.

A Multinational Powerhouse in Intelligent Automation

Roboyo isn’t your average startup. With a presence in 18 cities across 11 countries on 3 continents, this global force is a powerhouse in intelligent automation professional services. They’ve carved out a significant niche for themselves, boasting many Fortune 500 companies and 21 of the DAX 40 firms among their clientele. The magnitude of their operation sets them apart in the automation consultancy space and allows them to provide robust, wide-ranging solutions for businesses worldwide.

Uniting a Diverse Team of Automation Experts

Diversity is at the heart of Roboyo’s success. With a team hailing from 22 different countries and speaking a plethora of languages, they bring together a broad array of perspectives, cultures, and experiences. Despite their individual differences – whether they champion various sports teams or worship different gods – they’re united by a common purpose: automation engineering.

Their team includes strategists, technologists, business analysts, and six sigma belt wearers from all colors of the spectrum. Notably, four of the world’s UiPath Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) call Roboyo home. It’s this combination of vision and precision, of big-picture thinking and meticulous attention to detail, that makes Roboyo a standout in their field.

Solving Complex Problems with Automation

What fuels the team at Roboyo? Solving complex technical problems. Their passion for this challenge is what wakes them up in the morning and drives them to deliver exceptional results for their clients. Roboyo’s work involves both creating new systems and guiding their implementation, ensuring that their solutions yield real-world benefits for businesses.

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Equipped with the skills to solve intricate technical problems and a passion for getting the job done, Roboyo has earned a reputation for engineering tangible business outcomes for some of the world’s largest and most dynamic companies.

Roboyo is a perfect example of a startup that’s poised to redefine its industry. Their impressive global presence, diverse and highly skilled team, and unwavering commitment to solving complex technical problems place them at the forefront of the intelligent automation consulting sector.

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