Startup Showcase: Robotex – Building the Future of Robotics Education and Innovation

Robotex is a global robotics education network based in Tallinn, Estonia. Established in 2001, Robotex has expanded to 11 countries across 5 continents, including the US and China, with a mission to create a world where everyone has access to robotics education and innovation. With a focus on robotics, including AI and drones, Robotex offers a range of programs and events aimed at educating and inspiring the next generation of robotics engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Revolutionizing Robotics Education and Innovation

Robotex is dedicated to building the future of robotics education and innovation by providing a range of programs and events designed to empower students, educators, and startups. Their education and teacher training programs aim to produce the next generation of robotics engineers, experts in data science, electronics, mechatronics, and programming. Their startup and corporate innovation programs provide a platform for entrepreneurs to develop new technologies and ideas in the field of robotics. And their festivals, which include competitions, conferences, expos, and workshops, offer a unique opportunity for students and professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate.

Robotex International – The Biggest Robotics Festival on the Planet

Robotex International is the flagship event of Robotex and the largest robotics festival in the world. Held annually in Tallinn, Estonia, the festival attracts thousands of participants from all over the world. The festival features a range of competitions, including robot sumo, line-following, firefighting, and drones. In addition, the festival includes a conference with speakers from industry and academia, an expo showcasing the latest robotics technologies, and a range of workshops and educational activities for all ages.

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Empowering Robotics Ecosystems Around the World

Robotex is also dedicated to empowering robotics ecosystems around the world, including in countries such as Afghanistan, Anguilla, and Mali. These countries have thousands of people eager to gain the skills needed to generate innovation, but lack the resources and support to do so. Robotex works with local partners to set up robotics education programs, innovation centers, and other initiatives aimed at empowering the local community to develop new technologies and ideas.

Join the Global Robotics Education and Innovation Network

Robotex is building a global community of robotics enthusiasts, educators, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are passionate about the future of robotics. Whether you’re a student looking to learn more about robotics, an educator looking to incorporate robotics into your curriculum, or a startup looking for support and guidance, Robotex has something for everyone. Join the global robotics education and innovation network and be a part of the future of robotics.





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