Startup Showcase: Revolutionizing Healthcare through swiftQueue

swiftQueue is a cloud-based healthcare appointment and patient engagement platform that has been transforming the way healthcare clinics operate within hospitals. Founded in 2011 by Brendan Casey and Declan Donohoe, swiftQueue has been revolutionizing the way patients and clinics interact, providing efficient and effective solutions for the healthcare industry. With its innovative platform, swiftQueue has consistently improved the efficiency of its hospital clinics, reduced patient waiting times, and improved patient engagement.

In this Startup Showcase, we will take a closer look at the solutions provided by swiftQueue and how they are transforming the healthcare industry.

Streamlining Healthcare Appointments

One of the key solutions provided by swiftQueue is the ability to streamline healthcare appointments. With its online appointments system, patients can easily book appointments at their convenience, and healthcare clinics can manage their appointments with ease. The platform also provides electronic referrals, making the process of referring patients to other clinics or specialists more efficient.

Reducing DNA’s and Improving Patient Engagement

Another key solution provided by swiftQueue is the reduction of ‘did not attends’ (DNAs) and improved patient engagement. The platform’s self-service portal functionality empowers patients by giving them control over their appointments and allowing them to access their appointment information at any time. This, in turn, has reduced the number of DNAs and improved patient engagement.

Real-time Metrics and Improved Clinic Integration

swiftQueue also provides real-time metrics and improved clinic integration, giving healthcare management and staff a greater level of transparency. The platform’s real-time dashboards provide real-time information on clinic performance, allowing management to make informed decisions and staff to work more efficiently. The improved clinic integration provided by swiftQueue has streamlined workflows, reducing patient waiting times and improving patient engagement.

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In today’s challenging healthcare environment, swiftQueue is providing innovative solutions that are transforming the way healthcare clinics operate. With its cloud-based platform, swiftQueue is streamlining healthcare appointments, reducing DNAs, improving patient engagement, and providing real-time metrics and improved clinic integration. As swiftQueue continues to increase its customer base across Ireland, the UK, and internationally, and with the planned introduction of their Smart Hospitals platform in late 2016, the future looks bright for this innovative startup.





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