Startup Showcase: QAMPO – Building Analytical Solutions for Better Decision Making

QAMPO, a Danish information tech and services company, is on a mission to help organizations make better decisions at all levels through its analytical solutions. The acronym QAMPO stands for Query, Analyze, Model, Predict, Optimize – the analytical process that the company envisions and supports for its customers. QAMPO wants to take companies to the next level by proactively using data to influence what will happen tomorrow.

With an increasing amount of data available, it has become increasingly important to use it effectively. QAMPO helps organizations to answer what is going on in their business right now and why. It builds predictive models from their data, providing accurate expectations for the future and shedding light on the consequences of decisions they make. The company also supports complex decision problems with mathematical optimization models that improve their planning and help them make the right decisions.

Querying and Analyzing Data

QAMPO’s analytical solutions begin with querying and analyzing data. The company works with its clients to understand their data needs and develop a data strategy that supports their business goals. QAMPO has a team of data scientists who can work with various types of data, including structured and unstructured data, to provide valuable insights.

Building Predictive Models

QAMPO uses machine learning and predictive modeling techniques to help clients anticipate what will happen in the future. The company’s predictive models are designed to be accurate and help clients make data-driven decisions. With these models, organizations can optimize their operations, forecast demand, and identify new opportunities.

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Optimizing Decisions

QAMPO’s optimization models help organizations to make the right decisions. The company’s mathematical optimization models provide solutions that are both efficient and effective. These models are designed to help organizations improve their planning, reduce costs, and maximize profits.

QAMPO’s analytical solutions are designed to help organizations make better decisions at all levels. The company supports strategic, tactical, and operational decision making by providing accurate data, building predictive models, and optimizing decisions. By using QAMPO’s solutions, organizations can improve their operations, reduce costs, and maximize profits.


In conclusion, QAMPO is an exciting startup that is using data to help organizations make better decisions. With its analytical solutions, the company is helping organizations to optimize their operations, forecast demand, and identify new opportunities. The company is poised to play a critical role in the future of decision-making for businesses.



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