Startup Showcase: Purpl: Revitalising Networking One Coffee at a Time

Harnessing the Power of Face-to-Face Connection to Boost Careers and Build Meaningful Relationships

In the heart of Paris, France, a thriving startup named Purpl is reigniting the spark of personal networking in our increasingly digital world. With a strong belief in the power of face-to-face interactions, Purpl aims to reshape the way we form professional relationships and advance our careers, all over a simple cup of coffee.

Purpl has seized upon a profound truth: the most impactful professional opportunities often stem from in-person meetings. Their mission? To provide universal access to career advancement and professional growth opportunities, by bringing people together—quite literally, one coffee at a time.

From URL to IRL: A Location-Based Networking Solution

Purpl is a location-based networking app designed specifically for facilitating personal, 1:1 meetings. Through this innovative platform, users can set up their professional goals, job title, and interests, and highlight what’s currently on their radar to ensure that their networking efforts are always relevant and rewarding.

Users can spot potential connections on a map and introduce themselves through a personalised selfie video. After mutual agreement, they can start chatting and set up a coffee date to get to know each other better. By eliminating the clutter of online networking—no lead chasing, no spam, no stress—Purpl paves the way for fruitful interactions and connections.

Creating Opportunities: Seize the Day, Every Day

With Purpl, professional networking becomes an accessible, everyday activity. The platform opens up a myriad of opportunities: building relationships, discovering new career paths, finding mentors, gaining invaluable advice, and sharing knowledge, to name a few.

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Purpl users can seize the opportunity to grow professionally every single day. Whether it’s about finding a new job, brainstorming ideas, hiring talent, or getting introduced to the right people, Purpl provides the tools and the platform to make it all happen.

Currently live in the SF Bay Area and Paris, Purpl embodies the spirit of the startup culture: innovative, agile, and constantly pushing boundaries. They aim to bring about a networking revolution, reminding us all of the timeless value of real-life connections in a hyper-connected world.

Connect with Purpl

Stay up-to-date with Purpl and #KeepItReal by exploring their official website and engaging on social media:

Purpl is more than just a startup—it’s a movement. A movement to rekindle the human touch in networking, and to give everyone the chance to turn a simple cup of coffee into a life-changing professional opportunity.

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