Startup Showcase: Pixies – Revolutionizing Urban Cleaning with Autonomous Technology

Discover the Revolutionary Solution for a Sustainable Future

In today’s world, sustainability is a key concern for many people, and as such, more and more startups are developing solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also highly efficient. Pixies, a hi-tech startup based in Rome, is doing just that by developing solutions for autonomous cities and a more sustainable future. With its zero-impact system that combines autonomous mobile robots and smart solar-powered benches, Pixies is revolutionizing the way we think about urban cleaning.

A Bottom-Up Approach to Cleaning Cities

Pixies’s bottom-up approach to cleaning cities is what sets it apart from other competitors in the industry. Its system combines autonomous mobile robots equipped with AI and smart solar-powered benches to solve the cleaning problem in urban contexts directly through the city. These little autonomous sweepers collect waste while avoiding obstacles and static and dynamic objects. Afterward, they dock inside the smart benches to be charged using solar energy, ensuring a highly efficient, sustainable and cost-effective cleaning solution.

A Sustainable Urban Space

Pixies is also focused on developing an urban space that takes advantage of IoT devices scattered around the city, constantly sensing and responding to the environment. This helps to collect useful data that can be used to improve the management of the entire urban realm. With the presence of smart benches, Pixies provides fixed charging stations directly installed around the city, giving a new piece of urban furniture that is both useful for the environment and for citizens.

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A System with Multiple Applications

Pixies’s system is not only designed for cleaning purposes but can be used for a thousand other applications, always remaining bottom-up, efficient, and sustainable. It can be used for delivery, first aid, mobile charging for vehicles, among others. The competitive advantage of Pixies is its bottom-up approach to the problem of cleaning, which integrates the robots directly into the city, making it more efficient and sustainable.

The Future of Pixies

Pixies has installed the prototype of the robot and the smart bench in the courtyard of the mixed-use building where the company is based, making it active and supervised by the team every day. The system works perfectly and can operate up to 8 hours per day, covering an area of 2,000 sqm both indoors and outdoors. With an increase in cleaning efficiency of about 30% and a related cost reduction of about 40%, Pixies is set to disrupt the urban cleaning industry. The company’s closest competitors are Trombia, Enway, Idriverplus, and TSM. However, Pixies’s system’s bottom-up approach and versatility make it unique in the market.


In conclusion, Pixies is a hi-tech startup that is revolutionizing the urban cleaning industry with its innovative zero-impact system. With its focus on sustainability, efficiency, and a bottom-up approach to problem-solving, Pixies is set to become a leading player in the industry. As the company continues to grow, it is sure to develop even more innovative solutions for autonomous cities and a more sustainable future.



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